Why Isn’t Mouse Flavored Cat Food Available?

Mouse flavored cat food?Wouldn’t it be great if cat food did come in mouse flavor? We could turn a pest, that breeds like mice, into food for our pets. My daughter asked me why mouse-flavored cat food wasn’t available and since I didn’t have a good answer, I decided to check around. The best answer I could find was from Yahoo:

“The reason [mouse-flavored cat food] isn’t available is simple: Cats are not the one buying the food. It is proven that people buy cat food according to their own image of what their cat should like. So mouse-flavored food is not as appetizing as chicken or beef.”

I guess it’s our fault that mouse-flavored cat food isn’t available but hopefully that will change. Purina, Iams – if you’re considering adding country mouse flavor to your cat food lineup, shoot me an email and I’ll gladly test it out for you. Another bonus: mouse flavored cat food could be cross-promoted with a pet’s edition of Eating the Enemy.

Update: Just stumbled upon this in Grist: “Your cat is a massive environmental hazard.” I think the mouse crusaders are behind the article.