Henrik Fisker Pushed To Resign From Fisker Automotive.

Henrik Fisker of Fisker AutomotiveFirst Henrik Fisker stepped down as CEO of Fisker Automotive in 2012 and now he’s being pushed to resign from the company he co-founded. The double-suck for Henrik Fisker is that he’ll have no say on how the suffering electric car company bearing his name will be divvied up.

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It’s Getting So Hot In Knoxville TN That WATE 6 News Reporter Loses The Ability To Speak.

Weather with Mike Krafcik - WATE Channel 6
Mike Krafcik, you get a pass on this one because we’ve all been there. Maybe not during a live news broadcast but we all have been hit with the uncomfortable heat. One recommendation for future broadcasts: you should consider dumping that long-sleeve blue shirt for something closer to a muscle shirt, half-shirt or a combination of both. [Buzzfeed]

Update: Unfortunately, WATE Channel 6 pulled the video from Youtube. But before they did, we did the best we could capturing what Mr. Krafcik said in the 87 degree heat during the live newscast. “Thank you Jim in the studio… it’s hot out and it’s only getting hotter and it’s going to be triple digits. My feet are hot and my shoes hurt.. what’s that, mommy? I see sparkles.”