Going Beyond ‘Icky’: Earthworms Contribute To Global Warming.

Earthworms - Enemy of the EnvironmentWhen you think of climate change, it’s easy to point the finger at the burning of fossil fuels, Koch Bros, and Jim Inhofe. But earthworms? Yep – according to a new study posted in Nature.com, our subterranean and planet sharing earthworms are contributing to global warming by increasing the release of greenhouse gases. Researchers from Holland, Columbia and the US found that earthworms increase nitrous oxide emissions by 42% and carbon dioxide emissions by 33% when compared to earthworm-free soil.

Sorry earthworms but we have to put a dent in your greenhouse-gas producing population; we’ll have to figure out how to eat you or we’ll go on more fishing trips. We’re in a tough spot. If we don’t reduce your population – the fossil fuel industry, Koch Bros and Jim Inhofe’s are going to blame you for global warming rather than taking responsibility for their own actions. Yes, earthworms have been making the soil more fertile for eons and your greenhouse-gas emissions are just a byproduct of that effort but when excuses are made and blame is passed by climate change deniers, you’ll be at the top of the list. [Inhabitat]