Nutrition Battle: Kraft Mac & Cheese VS Annie’s Mac & Cheese VS Reduced Fat Cheez-Its?

Kraft Mac & Cheese VS Annie's Mac & Cheese VS Reduced Fat Cheez-Its?Yellow dye 5 and 6 aside, what delivers more nutrition – Kraft Mac & Cheese, Annie’s Mac & Cheese or Reduced Fat Cheez-Its with a glass of milk? After comparing the offerings, Mother Jones concluded that it’s basically a dead heat.

Thanks MJ; dinner in my house just got a lot easier. [Mother Jones]


Adding Edible Eyes To Fruits And Vegetables May Be One More Reason Kids Won’t Eat Them.

Edible Eyes from Suck UKRight now, my 9-year old is going through the Toy Story phase where every stuffed animal, rock and chunk of scrap wood is real and has a life. Getting him to part with Rocky VI (pet rock) and Woody XI (beach wood) is always a struggle. That’s why I probably won’t buy any Edible Eyes stick-on sugar eyes that you can put on fruits and vegetables to give them a happy face. Edible Eyes packageDon’t get me wrong, Suck UK (great name) has come up with a neat product and their intentions are good – edible stickers that give fruits and veggies a little character and friendly personality.

Edible eyes, in a normal household, would encourage kids to work down the food chain and make eating fruits and veggies more fun. But it wouldn’t work in our house and the results wouldn’t be pretty. I foresee 10+ smiling-eyed, uneaten, bruised and shriveled “Fruities” sitting on a shelf or by a bed like a favorite stuffed animal. Sorry Edible Eyes – great idea but we’re going to have to pass. [Laughing Squid]