The Toyota Prius Definitely Needs The Optical Camouflage System Developed At Keio University.

Rear view of a Toyota Prius.Prius owners know what I’m talking about. When backing up in the Toyota Prius, turning around and looking above the rear seat through the angled rear windows gives you a viewing area that can only be compared to a supermax prison window; it’s like looking through a crack. The rear camera on the Prius is great and my kids love making faces in it but getting a good look at what you’re reversing into you is not its forté.

The optical camouflage system developed at Keio University is the solution and makes the backseat appear transparent while giving the driver a full-view of what’s behind their vehicle. I don’t care if it works out that the kids get a low-power video player – the optical camouflage system is a must have for the Prius. [DigInfo via Core77]