Pedal-Powered Un-Knitting Machine Reverses And Recycles The Yarn You Used To Make A Hat With The Rocking-Knit.

ÉCAL Low-Tech Factory’s Rocking-Knit.

Rocking-Knit Hats

The problem: You had to be first on your block with the Rocking-Knit hat-knitting rocking chair. But now you have second thoughts about the 10 dozen hats you rocked-out and you want your yarn back.

The Solution: The pedal-powered Un-Knitting Machine (below) from Imogen Hedges saves the day by reversing your knitted hats back into yarn. It’ll not only un-knit your knitted hats, the Un-Knitting machine will also help you reclaim the yarn from the sweater that hides in your closet and was cool never. [Gizmodo]


Pedal And Solar-Powered ELF Electric-Assist Vehicle From Organic Transit.

Organic Transit's ELF Electric-Assist Vehicle
Organic Transit’s
ELF ($4000) is three-wheeled, one-person electric-assist vehicle that can be recharged via a rooftop solar panel, pedaling or by wall-charging the ELF’s removable battery. Its slim design and bicycle classification allows the ELF to travel on the road or bike paths in all 50 states. The ELF can travel up to 30 miles on one charge and it’s also able to carry approx 350 lbs of cargo in addition to the rider.

Organic Transit has turned to Kickstarter to help raise funds and their timing couldn’t be better – pitching a product called ELF in December couldn’t hurt fundraising. [Clean Technica]