Levi’s Will Be Releasing Their Waste Less™ Jeans In Spring 2013. Each Pair Made With 8 Recycled PET Plastic Bottles.

Levis Waste Less JeansGood for Levi’s and their planned Waste<Less™ jean’s line. Their goal is to incorporate 3.5 million recycled 12 – 20 oz PET bottles into their new Waste<Less™ jeans. I would’ve given Levi’s an awesome had I not seen a video of how labor intensive it was to turn PET plastic bottles in to fabric.

But don’t get me wrong, recycling and repurposing PET plastic bottles into clothing is still good. [Levi’s via Crave]


Coke’s New PlantBottle

Coca Cola Unveils New PlantBottleJust in time for the winter Olympics in Vancouver, Coke is releasing its new “PlantBottle” which is comprised of 30% plant based materials (sugar cane) and 70% petroleum based. After testing the new PlantBottle last month in Copenhagen and in other select markets, Coke now plans on packaging all of its products in the new PlantBottle by the end of 2010. In addition to changing to renewable materials, Coke’s new plastic bottles create 25% less carbon during the manufacturing process. This according to a Coke commissioned study performed by the London Imperial College.

The Clean Air Council estimates that 21.9 billion plastic bottles are thrown out every year. So will the new PlantBottle make a difference? I’m sure slightly because Coca Cola is responsible for producing over 2 billion plastic bottles per year. We have to remember that this is just a start and one can hope that the new packaging and accompanying advertising campaign will encourage drinkers of Coke products to recycle their bottles more than they have been.

It would be easy for Jubbling to bash Coke and label this whole thing as greenwashing but it is a step in the right direction and should be encouraged. Now, if Coca Cola could only get the sugar cane used in manufacturing the bottles to somehow leach into the product… then they might have something people would want to drink more of.