Which One Is More Jubbling: SmartPhone Or Phone Books?

Treehugger posted an interesting article that attempted to answer what was better for the environment – a lifetime of iPhone’s or phone books? The article’s author, Pablo Paster, calculated that a lifetime of iPhones has 11 times the carbon footprint of a lifetime of phone books. He then went on to point out that an iPhone replaces a bunch of carbon-creating devices (GPS, TV, video camera etc.) making the difference a lot less but still in the phone book’s favor.

For me, it’s not as much about the phone book’s carbon footprint. Instead it’s about getting the phone book when I don’t want or need it. And to opt-out I have to give the Yellow Pages Association information about me, including my email address, that they didn’t already have.

Check out the article and when you’re done, you can choose to give up your personal information and opt-out or you can continue to annually get your phone book (aka emergency booster seat or hot dish pad). [Treehugger]