The Solar-Powered SolarCross Turns The Electric Mountain Bike Idea To An “11”

SolarCross PV and Battery Powered Mountain BikeTerry Hope is the inventor and builder of the SolarCross solar-powered mountain bike and he did it for around $700 (Specialized FSR bike frame included). The SolarCross avoids fossil fuels altogether and can be powered by a pair of solar charged batteries or it can travel up to 2 mph using just the power generated by the front mounted solar panels.

You have to check out Mr. Hope’s website for more technical information on the SolarCross. It may not be where electric bikes are headed but the SolarCross mountain bike is definitely original. [Earthtechling]


One Day, We Hope Everything Will Be Covered With Solar Panels Like The Blackfriars Bridge

Blackfriars Bridge Solar Panels - Solar CenturyThe Blackfriars Bridge in London is getting a makeover and part of that process is covering it with 6,000 sq. meters of photovoltaic panels from Solar Century. When it’s completed in 2012, the Blackfriars Bridge will be the largest solar array in London and the largest solar covered bridge in the world. The PV panels will provide 1/2 of the power needed to run the new Blackfriars railway station.

Solar panels are already being designed as roofing tiles, embedded in windows and replacing the normal aluminum covering used on parking structures. Applying solar as shade or covering could be the norm and projects like the Blackfriars Bridge is just another example. Here’s one more…

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