Took The Kids To Watch The Documentary “Chasing Ice.”

After posting an article about the woman who had been changed by watching the film “Chasing Ice,” I made it a priority to see the documentary myself and to bring my kids to it. I wanted to get their take on the film because it’s really about their future.

Chasing Ice - James Balog“Chasing Ice” tracks the efforts of nature photographer James Balog to time-lapse photograph the shrinking glaciers of Iceland, Greenland and Alaska. He is supported by a team of scientists, technicians, and his family. Mr. Balog’s goal was to photograph the glaciers over 3-years and he wasn’t sure what he would capture during that span.

When James Balog and his team piece the photos together, the final video of the glaciers retreating is pretty startling. In some instances, they had to shift their cameras multiple times to keep the receding glaciers in frame. And the melt wasn’t just about the glaciers retreating; the team noticed that the glaciers followed a recede and shrink (in height) pattern.

“Is it too late to do anything?”
Chasing Ice (Film)Right after the movie, I had to find out what my kids and their friend thought about Chasing Ice. They weren’t shocked by the film but they were a little quiet. Then my daughter’s friend asked her dad: “is it too late to do anything?” I think that’s the question the filmmakers wanted viewers to ask themselves after watching the film.

What can we do? On a daily basis, we can all make an effort to live as small as possible but what’s happening in the Arctic circle is bigger than just consuming less. Chasing Ice was the alarm – now we need to take action and develop more effective ways to get our elected officials to listen and act. That is why we’re going to turn this into a series of posts that pick up where the film ends. Check back in a couple weeks for our followup article on what you can do to help make a difference. [Chasing Ice]


Watching The Documentary “Chasing Ice” Changes One Viewers Opinion About Climate Change.

From this woman’s reaction to the documentary Chasing Ice, you get the feeling that her newfound concern for global warming is similar to how people felt about the threat of nuclear war. She’s chomping at the bit to take action and spread the word about climate change and that’s good.

I’m hoping to see Chasing Ice next week and I’ll put something up on Jubbling. [CDCW]


Rising Sea-Level: Melting Polar Ice Caps Has A Bro You Didn’t Know. Meet Thermal Expansion.

Continuing with our trend of showing videos that a 10 year old could understand comes the latest from the folks at AsapSCIENCE. “The Secret to Rising Sea Levels – Thermal Expansion” video is kind of a horror story about how sea-level isn’t just rising because the polar ice caps are melting – the sea is also increasing in volume due to thermal expansion. As water warms, it expands so the effects of global warming are two-fold. It’s like a tag team wrestling match where both opposing wrestlers are in the ring at the same time and you were only expecting and focusing on one. Let the sucking continue! [Gizmodo]


Surging Seas: When Sea Level Rises, How Bad Will It Suck Where You Live?

Surging Seas from Climate Central: Tracking Sea Level ChangesClimate Central recently released Surging Seas so people can track the effects of storm surge + sea level rise in their area and hopefully it’ll strike a chord. We’ve been told for 25+ years that the polar ice caps are melting but today, you’ll still hear waterfront homeowners swear that they’re not seeing it. Unfortunately, when sea level does noticeably rise, it’ll probably be too late to reverse it. Might already be. [Climate Central]

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