Thinking It’s A Good Idea To Cancel Our Summer Trip To Wuhan City.

Wuhan, the capital city of the Hubei province in central China, looks like a scene out of an apocalyptic movie. At first, it was speculated that the yellowish fog was caused by a chlorine factory explosion and fire but Chinese authorities later placed the blame on rural farmers burning straw. That would be a lot of straw.

So today, if you live in a town or area with clean air, maybe we should pour one out (into a glass) for our homies in Wuhan by taking one less car trip or by walking an extra mile. Good and bad, we share the same air. [Grist]


Scientists Skeptical Of Climate Change, All 3% Of You, I Hope You Are Right

Tar Sands Oil

“…I suspect we’re just not genetically programmed to worry about two generations downstream, that may be the heart of the problem.”

Kerry A. Emanuel, Atmospheric Scientist MIT

Whether you believe clouds will counter the effects of global warming or they won’t and we’re the cause – why can’t we accept both ideas and minimize the risk? We pointed this out in our post about the “If I Wanted America To Fail” video.

The New York Times Green Blog has an article on the issue of ‘how and why’ large groups of people still deny science and refuse to accept that our actions contribute to climate change. The article focuses on Kerry Emmanuel of MIT and his reasonable appeal to skeptics is “why risk it?” It’s a good 5 minute read that frames the climate debate more in terms of risk to future generations and less about the data used by both sides to support their positions. [NY Times]


Haters Gonna Hate. Deniers Gonna Deny.

Kent cigarette advertisement - smoking is goodRemember the old days when tobacco companies tried to convince us that smoking was healthy and did not cause cancer? Well the debate over climate change can be framed in those same terms. The NY Time’s article, “A Reminder That Science Can Override Pressure”, is probably the best I’ve read about the climate debate and how time and science will eventually change minds. [NY Times]

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Oh, The Good Ol’ Days Of Toxic Waste Disposal Before “The Man” Stuck Us With The EPA, Clean Water Act Etc.

The music makes it seem patriotic to dump 30,000 pounds of metallic sodium into a frozen Lake Lenore in Eastern Washington. [mentalfloss]


Fracking = Enema For The Earth. So Does Super-Fracking = Two-Handed Prostate Exam For The Earth?


If critics already think fracking is bad, theoretically, super fracking would be super bad,”
Kirk Sherr, President of Regester Larkin Energy NA

Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is a technique that sends a high-pressure injection of millions of gallons of water, sand and chemicals into the earth in order to break apart petroleum-saturated rock.Fracking Graphic/Illustration by Al Granberg - click to enlarge. As the rocks crack, fossil fuels are released at a rate that is greater than by drilling alone. Fracking’s foes have pointed out the negative environmental impact of the technique on ground water, air quality and as the possible cause of local earthquakes.

Now we’ve got super-fracking to look forward to. It’s basically the same idea as fracking except when it’s super, it involves deeper blasting and/or the creation of wider pathways in order to extract harder to reach fossil fuels. Two companies leading this effort are Baker Hughes Inc. and Schlumberger Ltd. and their new fracking methods are called DirectConnect (deeper) and HiWay (wider) respectively.

So earth-damaging fracking might be replaced by a new even more powerful anti-hero, super-fracking. This could be the only bizarro comic book story where the villain is who we’re rooting for. [Bloomberg]


How Do You Reduce Emissions From 18-Wheelers? Start With ATDynamics TrailerTail

ATDynamics TrailerTail With Some jubBLINGE-The Environmental Magazine posted an article, Pollution From Freight Transport, about how heavy-duty freight trucks were responsible for 77.8% of the greenhouse gas emissions in 2005 and how that percentage has continued to grow since 1990. The article also gives examples of what freight companies are doing to curb their pollution and emissions.

ATDynamics TrailerTail Being DeployedWe want to put ATDynamics TrailerTail back out there for consideration; we wrote about this product back in April 2011. The TrailerTail can be installed by 2 people in 1 hour and when the driver deploys it, the TrailerTail is certified to increase fuel efficiency by 6.6% when the truck is traveling at 65 mph. Your fuel savings will allow you to recoup the TrailerTail’s cost [$1500] in 1 year.

It’s truly a Jubbling no-brainer.