Not Quite Jubbling Worthy Third Edition: Potted Plant Helmets, Potty Trained Pigs, Green VS Green, Koch Industries Is Not Jubbling

Stories that are not quite Jub-Worthy There are stories out there that merit the cycle of agonizing over our thoughts and limited writing abilities for four hours, and others that might be interesting but are just as well represented by a link. Here are those links.

Treebute To Yogya

  • Potted Plant Helmets Hit the Streets of Indonesia – Maybe this will pass in Indonesia but if I wore one of these plant helmets here in the US, I would probably get my ass kicked and I’d expect no less; eco-message or not.
  • With solar power, it’s Green vs. Green – Solar power is renewable, creates jobs, brings tax revenue to cash starved, isolated towns and now faces opposition from the same groups they thought they were bros with. Sierra Club, Audubon Society and Natural Resources Defense Council step up to object mega solar projects. Reuters
  • Koch Industries Sues Prankster For Saying It Cares About Environment – This is classic. Koch Industries has every reason to be upset that some prankster soiled their questionable environmental record by issuing a fake press release in their name that they “remain committed to environmental responsibility and stewardship.” Personally, if somebody did the same thing to me and stated that I was handsome, romantic and a non-bedwetter, I’d stay quiet and hope that it stuck. Treehugger
  • Taiwan wants pigs potty-trained to curb pollution – Farmer in Taiwan has potty trained his pigs and in turn cut waste runoff by 80%, increased their fertility by 20% and reduced the amount illness with his 10,000 pigs. [No comment] Yahoo! Green

  • Pig In Litterbox