Toyota Prius Drivers Around The World, Unite And Go Camping (With Habitents)

Habitents for Toyota Prius and Honda InsightHabitents camping canopy for the Toyota Prius is a cool idea and the best part is that it’s reasonably priced at $89.99. Habitents also folds down to fit in your glove compartment. The only downside: how bad the dutch oven effect could be with two people trying to sleep in a Prius after a couple days of camping food. [Habitents]


2XL Games’ XLR8 App For iOS And Android Will Make Your EV Sound Like It Has A Pair (Inside Car Only)

Now, if you could only blast outside your Nissan Leaf what you’re hearing inside with 2XL Games’ XLR8 app…

The XLR8 app uses the accelerometer in your iPhone or Android device to track your speed, braking and cornering. It then converts your driving data and lets you hear through your car’s audio system* the sounds of driving a V-8 muscle car that shotgun’s fuel versus sipping or not consuming it at all. It’s the spanx / toupee for your EV or hybrid.

For an additional fee, you can unlock the engine sound produced by Ferrari, Lamborghini, NASCAR vehicle and Ford GT40. Giddy up! [Wired]

* XLR8 App is compatible with Bluetooth or wired connections