Asking ‘What Good Shall I Do This Day?’ Is The Best Way To Start Every Day. Thanks Ben Franklin.

What good shall I do this day?  -  Ben Franklin
Good posted a page from Ben Franklin’s daily schedule and pointed out how he asked himself each day ‘What good shall I do this day?’ and ended each day with ‘What good have I done today?’ Everyone can define good differently but using it as a simple daily motivator is brilliant. It’s not a daily affirmation; it’s more of a daily motivation.

We’re going to tweak this a little and add it to our daily schedule as ‘What Jubbling shall I do this day?’ and so far, not showering and composting the coffee grounds are on our list. Still have 12 hours to go! [Good]


Pablo Fernandez Is Creating Useful Products From Trash At His ReBorn Recraft Atelier In Barcelona.

ReBorn Recraft Atelier in BarcelonaFair Companies’ lastest post, “Tinkerers’ workshop: slow furniture recrafted from trash,” is about Pablo Fernandez and his efforts to recraft stuff people throw out into useful products at his Reborn Recraft Atelier in Barcelona. Pablo points out in the video that he can not find as many useful things to work with on the streets in his native Columbia as he can in Barcelona. In his shop, he has drinking glasses made from bottles, pallets turned into wine racks / glass holders and much more. [*faircompanies]


Apple Decides To Break-Up With EPEAT. (UPDATE: It’s Makeup Time)

Apple and EPEAT break-upThey had a good run but it just couldn’t last. One side was solely focused on creating the most advanced computer on the market and the other hoped meeting those design goals wouldn’t come at the expense of cleaner production and end-of-life recyclability. We were all witnesses to the end of this relationship, especially when the next-gen computer created was described as “Unfixable, Unhackable, Untenable” upon its release.

We’re all holding out hope that you can reconcile. More than likely on updated terms but you two need each other and we need you to need each other. (There’s a thorough article on the Apple/EPEAT break-up on Core77)

Update: July 13, 2012 The relationship is on again and we’re positive it had nothing to do with our article encouraging a reconciliation. According to GigaOM in “Apple backs down: Macs will stay EPEAT certified,” Apple wanted EPEAT back. And outgoing Senior VP of Hardware Engineering, Bob Mansfield, believes that “[Apple’s] relationship with EPEAT has become stronger as a result of this experience.” The Retina display MacBook Pro will not have a room in the renewed Apple/EPEAT household but 39 other Apple products will.


Plastic Bottles Recycled Into Polyester Clothing (Video)

[youtube width=”425″ height=”319″][/youtube]Until I watched this Nat Geo video from 2009, I had no idea turning plastic bottles into polyester thread for clothing was so labor intensive. Other than drinking or wearing the finished product, I wouldn’t want to perform any of the jobs needed to turn recycled plastic into clothing. Building boats like The Plastiki sure seems like a much better use of recycled plastic bottles. [core77]


With Pfandring, Bottles Avoid The Trash And Queue Up Waiting To Be Refunded Or Recycled

[youtube width=”425″ height=”239″][/youtube]It’s the Pfandring by Paul Ketz and what a brilliant way to separate recyclable and/or refundable bottles from normal trash. [Gizmodo]


The Label Popper

[youtube width=”425″ height=”239″][/youtube]The Label PopperThe video points out that we recycle 65% of steel cans we use but we don’t normally peel off the labels. Those labels get burned off during the recycling process and that waste amounts to 120 million pounds of paper per year or the equivalent of 1 million trees. For $10, The Label Popper will fix this problem by giving us an easy way to remove the label so it can be recycled separately. (Or you can save yourself the $$$ and stick with a butter knife) [Inhabitat]