If Only The Crib Dribbler Were Real.

Crib Dribbler - Prank PackI’m trying to find the Jubbling in the genuine faux Crib Dribbler. It’s one of Prank Pack’s fake gift boxes but what aEnfamil Baby Formula 22-Pack great idea if you’re going the formula route! I guess the Jubbling could be filling the Crib Dribbler with bulk formula (reduce) instead of feeding your little one Enfamil from disposable containers.

More Jubbling happens after your kid has hamstered his/her last sip and you’ve rinsed out (reuse/recycle) your Crib Dribbler and refilled it with bulk formula (reduce). Just imagine how much more rest you would get with your kiddo Crib Dribbling (precycling?). [Gizmodo]


The Mine Kafon Is A Wind-Blown Minesweeper That’s Made Out Of Bamboo and Biodegradable Plastics.

Mine Kafon  -  Massoud HassaniDeveloped by Afghanistan-born designer Massoud Hassani, the Mine Kafon is a $40 biodegradable minesweeper that is propelled by the wind. In January, the Mine Kafon was nominated for a “Designs of the Year 2012” award from London’s Museum of Design. Mr. Hassani’s inspiration for building the Mine Kafon came from the wind-blown toys he played with as a kid.

The Mine Kafon includes a GPS that tracks its path and each unit can detonate several landmines before it’s inoperable. In the video, the Mine Kafon is being wind-blown in the desert but the simple idea could also be self or push propelled and work on any walking path hiding landmines. [Crave and Treehugger]