Not Much To See Here… Just A Samsung T9000 Refrigerator With An Unnecessary 10-Inch LCD On It.

Samsung T9000 RefrigeratorInstead of focusing on how, maybe Samsung could’ve spent more time thinking about why would anyone need a 10″ LCD touchscreen on their refrigerator. It’s the brand new Samsung T9000 (no relation to the Cyberdyne T1000) and one of its options is an internet connected 10″ LCD touchscreen. Now I could be kicked until I agreed that the 10″ LCD was remotely useful for following recipes and building shopping lists but photo sharing and accessing apps on an unmovable fridge? Don’t we already have enough portable devices that do the same thing? [Gizmag]


“My Ideal Fridge” Cartoon Meets Jubbling’s Ideal Fridge.

Ideal FridgeSaw this cartoon on Gizmodo and it got the creative juices going. Ok, maybe creative is too strong of a word.

Here’s our Jubbling version:

Jubbling's Ideal Fridge


LG Releasing New Door-In-Door™ Energy Saving Refrigerator

LG Door-In-Door French-door RefrigeratorA couple years ago, we visited some friends who had an interesting easy-access door refrigerator from the late 1980’s. The door was about 24″ square and opened like an oven allowing them to grab just the items they used most without having to open the entire refrigerator. I thought it was genius and a great way to save energy but it looks like this idea has been stepped up a notch with LG’s latest Door-In-Door™ model.

LG’s new Door-in-Door™ French-door refrigerator includes a separate compartment that is magnetically sealed and accessed by pressing a button on the handle. The LG Door-in-Door™ refrigerator is not the only model now on the market with this feature – the Kenmore Elite 7206 was released in February 2012 but it was also likely built by LG. Here’s a video on how the LG Door-In-Door refrigerator works:

LG Door-In-Door Refrigerator CompartmentIndustrial design website,, isn’t sold on the Door-In-Door™ idea and asked readers to vote on whether they think the LG fridge is truly an energy saver or just a lot of hot marketing gas.

Jubbling’s take: we think including the Door-In-Door™ sealed compartment with the LG refrigerator will help reduce the amount of power it needs to operate. Accessing items you use often in the D-I-D section means the fridge only has to re-cool that smaller space. But our only wish is that the access door was smaller; like the old-school refrigerator at our friend’s house. It was a much simpler solution that just worked.

LG GR-P257STS Refrigerator with One Touch HomebarIronically, LG did sell a model with a feature they called the “One Touch Homebar” that had an easy-access door on the front of the refrigerator. Not sure why they discontinued this model and went all fancy with the Door-In-Door™ feature but hopefully it was because the new version uses less electricity and the move had nothing to do with aesthetics. [Core77]


Read About Perlick’s Refrigerated Beauty Drawers For Your Bathroom. Decided To Kick My Own Nuts!

Perlick Refrigerated Beauty DrawerFrom the “I hope it’s not real” category comes a refrigerated drawer for your bathroom that’ll store and keep your assorted beauty products cool. It’s built by the Perlick Corporation and according to the Robb Report:

“The 15-inch drawers provide a solution for storing organic and eco-friendly personal-care items”

Just when I thought the Perlick refrigerated beauty drawer couldn’t be the worst idea ever, the Robb Report goes even further by sucking up to the eco-friendly crowd with their description. Thankfully, they didn’t describe the Perlick shitter-fridge as Jubbling. [Gizmodo]


Dear Old Refrigerator, Please Keep Working Until At Least 2014. XO XO Jubbling

Improved Refrigerator Efficiency Standards In 2014Why 2014? Because that’s when the new Department of Energy standards governing refrigerators kick in making them 25% more energy efficient than current Energy Star compliant models. Companies are already working toward this goal – LG is traveling around the country with their new LG LFX31925 which is close to but doesn’t meet the new standard. And General Electric started working toward this new standard in 2010 by investing $432 million to improve the design and manufacturing of refrigeration products.

When 2014 does hit and it’s time to make the move, you can donate your old fridge locally or if it’s on life support, have it recycled through the EPA’s Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) Program. The EPA has partnered with utilities, retailers and manufacturers around the country to safely recycle refrigerators and recover their ozone-damaging refrigerant.

So for now, hug it out with your fridge daily, whisper it sweet nothings, spare it the stress of hot pots of soup and definitely don’t let it know about your plans for replacement in 2014.