Don’t Hate On Young Conservatives For Energy Reform. Encourage Them.

Just read a skeptical article about Young Conservatives For Energy Reform (YC4ER) on Climate Denial Crock of the Week. And judging by the early comments, you’ll get the expected haters and a little I told you so.

My take is that if you truly identify yourself as an environmentalist who believes in climate change, you would encourage YC4ER’s efforts. No, you don’t have to agree with everything the YC4ER support and no they don’t wear hemp clothing adorned with peace signs but you do need these suit wearers on your side. They’re conservatives who believe in climate change which fortunately puts them to the left of Jim Inhofe. [CDCW]


Freewheelin Pedal Buses Will Be At The Democratic And Republican National Conventions.

Freewheelin 2012 Pedal-Powered BusesIt’s nice to hear that for the second time, the US’s two main political parties can agree on something. The Republican (Tampa, FL Aug 26-30) and Democratic (Charlotte, NC Sep 2-6) National Conventions will have the pedal-powered Freewheelin buses free to use between popular in-city destinations. Supplied by Humana, the 20 Freewheelin pedi-buses can accommodate up to 8 riders (+ driver) and are part of the health insurance company’s efforts to encourage healthy lifestyles and social interaction. The two plus days between conventions will be nice and will give Humana an opportunity to re-calibrate and adjust their pedal-powered buses that may “lean to the right” after the Republicans. [Inhabitat]