San Francisco Board Of Supervisors OK 220 Sq. Ft. MICRO-Apartments. Rents To Remain MACRO.

Micro Apartment Floorplan.In an effort to create more affordable in-city housing, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors approved an ordinance allowing the construction of micro-apartments. Under the new guidelines, developers are able to build 220 sq ft apartments – down from the required 290 sq ft. Rental rates for SF’s more affordable 220 sq ft micro-apartments are expected to be around $1300-1500/month. (I just kissed the floor of my non-Bay Area home.) [Grist and SF Chronicle]


Bi-Weekly Garbage Pickup May Be The Key To Reduce Waste And Drive Up Recycling Rates

Waste Management in Portland.Great article in the NY Times, “Cities Get So Close to Recycling Ideal, They Can Smell It,” about the success of waste handling programs in Seattle, Portland and San Francisco. What stood out most was the City of Portland’s switch to bi-weekly garbage pickups and how it has increased recycling rates. Yes, more people are putting their garbage in the recycle bin because they produce trash beyond the twice-a-month pickup. But overall, 44% less waste is being deposited in the landfill thanks to the program.

Sanford and Son Salvage TruckThe bi-weekly trash pickup is a simple solution that’ll definitely motivate people to recycle more. We tried to get that type of garbage service where we live and it’s just not available. So now, about once a month, I load up my car with one 32 gallon trash can and head to the dump. It’s my stinky, flying-bug infested, Sanford & Son’ish monthly date with the dump that is propelled by cheap and guided by Jubbling. [NY Times]


Guerrilla Grafters Are Doing Some Guerrilla Jubbling By Grafting Fruit Tree Branches To City Trees

[youtube width=”425″ height=”239″][/youtube]Maybe if I worked for the City of San Francisco, I might be pissed about Guerrilla Grafters grafting branches from fruit trees on the city trees but only because I have to be. Guerrilla Grafters are illegally grafting fruit tree branches, including cherry and Asian pear, to the cities trees and from the video, the people working near the trees like the idea. Are they FrankenFruit trees now? We prefer the name JubbliFruit trees. []