San Francisco 49ers’ Are Super Bowl XLVII Champs…. In Sub-Saharan Africa And Mongolia.

Super Bowl loser's Chicago Bears shirts in Zambia

Colts defeat Bears 29-17 in Super Bowl XLI everywhere but Zambia.

Before the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens even hit the field, apparel of all types were being printed that proclaim each team as the Super Bowl XLVII winner. When the game ends, what does the NFL do with the losing team’s gear? They used to have it destroyed but for the last 17 years, the NFL has donated the world’s 2nd best football team’s gear to World Vision. World Vision then sorts through and distributes up to 100,000 articles of clothing to countries around the world – sweatshirts to cold climates and t-shirts to countries with warm climates.

So don’t fret too much 49ers’ fans – you didn’t win Super Bowl XLVII but you did earn some Jubbling points in Mongolia and possibly Malawi where they think you are the champions – it’ll say so right on their shirts! [Bloomberg via Consumerist]


Al Gore, Is It 24 Hours Of Climate Reality Or 24 Hours Of Wasted Breath?

49ers Fans Convincing Raiders Fans To The Reality Of Who Has A Better TeamIt’s great that Al Gore is doing this again and hopefully, it’ll reach some people on the fence about climate change. But here’s a tip – those people you want to reach most; the ones whose minds you want to change… they’re not watching this and you’re wasting your time trying to make them think otherwise.

As a political eunuch, I like to stare in from the outside and figure out who’s making the strongest and most convincing argument or even further, who is the most reasonable. Al, including the word “reality” in the name of your event is turning away the people you want to reach most and you have to re-think this whole thing. Maybe approach religious leaders that share your views and will share an “earth stewardship” message with their parishioners; it worked in a small Kansas town where your message didn’t. I’m sure you’re doing this but please don’t include the word reality in the name of your next event. It’s a repellent to your cause.
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