Siberian ‘Artist’ Sculpts Cobra Out Of 800 Pounds Of Cow Dung.

Cow Dung CobraMikhail Bopposov’s “Cobra in Cow Dung” was squeezed together from the poo-business of his 17 cows to mark the Year of the Snake. From Mr. Bopposov:

“This is not sculpture, just a piece of work I did,”

Congratulations to Mr. Bopposov for humbly creating self-funded art from recycled material – you have completed all of the requirements to become Jubbling’s Artist in Residence. [Neatorama]


What Should We Do With 3.5 Billion Wire Coat Hangers?

Wire Coat HangerOne billion is a crazy number but 3.5 billion is 3 and 1/2 times crazy. Worldwide, that’s how many wire coat hangers are sent out with our dry cleaned goods each year. It takes 195 million pounds of steel to manufacture that many wire coat hangers and their clothing-protective plastic coating make them difficult to recycle. What should you do with them? According to Earth911, the best thing to do with your stash of coat hangers is to return them to your dry cleaner for reuse. Another option is to check out the amazing work of artist David Mach and maybe send some coat hangers his way.

David Mach builds larger than life sculptures out of all sorts of products and his latest works are constructed out of bundled coat hangers and matches.

David Mach - King Silver

David Mach's King Silver (Try to figure where the matches went)

Check out David Mach’s website to get an idea of the scale of his work. []