Let Them Eat Caviar! Vending Machine Dispenses $500/Oz Caviar And Other Delicacies.

Beverly Hills Caviar vending machine.Beverly Hills Caviar’s vending machine doles out some high-end delicacies (caviar, escargot etc.) in select malls around Los Angeles. It’s probably more Jubbling to sell products via vending machine versus having a dedicated storefront but we just can’t pat BHC on the back for this beauty. That’s why we’re tweaking Jubbling a bit: for genuine Jubbling to exist, a product or idea needs to be attainable for more than just the 1%. [Boing Boing and Gizmag]


Shopping For Electronics? Best To Compare Price, Features And Planned Obsolescence Of Each Brand.

Electronic WasteWired posted an article, “Copyright and Planned Obsolescence: The Shady World of Repair Manuals,” about the need for free online product manuals and how it may conflict with a manufacturer’s copyrights – especially if the manufacturer prefers that you replace your electronic device rather than fix it. But is that in the manufacturer’s best interest?

Probably not and that’s why Jubbling decided to share our experience buying and selling electronics by offering some shopping tips:

  1. The savviest shoppers go to industry related blogs and find out how a future purchase performs. Following a thread is a great way to track defects and how they are handled by the manufacturer. Sample: home theater, cameras etc.
  2. Check IFixit for repairability information and manuals.
  3. If you’ve done your research and narrowed down your brand, contact the manufacturer or visit their website to find out if they have a local service center – especially for televisions. There’s nothing worse than re-boxing and shipping 42″ TV with a bad power supply across the country for repair.
  4. Make electronics purchases with American Express. Not only will AMEX add a year of warranty to the manufacturer’s standard warranty but if it breaks, they actually want to help you get it fixed.

Ultimately, it is in the best interest of electronics manufacturers to build a quality product so they will keep you as a customer for life. Offering service manuals online is a no-brainer and should have nothing to do with copyrights. Products should not be designed with planned obsolescence in mind – it’s not how you build brand loyalty.

As a kid, I remember my parents getting the call from Sears checking to see if we wanted to buy extended service contracts on their “almost out of warranty” appliances. The conversation went something like this:

Sears Rep: “Would like to buy an extended warranty on your Kenmore dishwasher?”

Parents: “No thank you.”

Sears Rep: “So what are you going to do if your dishwasher breaks outside of the warranty period and you’re not covered?”

Parents: “If we can’t get it repaired, I guess we’ll have to go out and buy another one. Only this time, we won’t be buying a Kenmore.”

Prior to ordering, Google your next electronics purchase by part # and put “repairs” at the end. And always keep in mind that the retailer isn’t concerned about the durability of the product you purchased. If it breaks, you’ll come back and buy a new one and your sales rep will get to say “chi-ching” as you walk out the door with your replacement purchase. (Don’t be a chi-ching.) [Wired]


If Thanksgiving Had A Groin, It Just Got Kicked By Black Thursday Sales.

Black Friday sales are nuts and retailers agreed. How did they cure the crazy? They moved the mayhem to Thursday night – Thanksgiving! Here’s a short-list of stores bucking Black Friday for Thursday this year:

  • Wal-Mart – 8:00 PM on Thanksgiving Day
  • Sears – 8:00 PM on Thanksgiving Day
  • Toys R Us – 8:00 PM on Thanksgiving Day
  • Target – 9:00 PM on Thanksgiving Day

Black Thursday will be a success and people will gladly forgo an opportunity to relax and spend a peaceful Thanksgiving together in order to get a great deal on a Furby or LeapPad2. It’ll be another win for retail and consumption unless consumers decide this is too much and avoid the Black Friday Thursday sales.

So please stay home, watch some of the Black Friday videos from last year and be thankful. The more we attend these unnecessary events, the earlier in the year they’ll get. Black Halloween – your next. [Gizmodo]


Bridgestone Angelino Petite Assita E-Bike Lets One Rugrat Ride In The Front And One Ride In The Rear.

Bridgestone Angelino Petite Assista E-bikeBridgestone’s latest Angelino Petite Assista ($1800) electric-assist bicycle has room for three passengers. Currently only available in Japan, the Angelino Petite Assista has a range of 20+ miles per charge and builds on Bridgestone’s e-bike line by adding a safety seat for a rear passenger.

The Angelino Petite Assista e-bike looks amazing but I’m not sure I would bite on it. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of having a helmeted little guy on the front of the bike to shield me from the wind and bugs. But kids can be squirrely and having them riding on the handlebars just doesn’t reek of safety to me.

Burley Encore 2012 Bike TrailerMaybe a better way to go is to get the e-bike you want and look into a Burley bike trailer. A Burley Encore® trailer will safely carry 2 kids and you’ll still have room for groceries. Plus, you can disconnect the Burley bike trailer any time you want to ride your e-bike solo. The e-bike / Burley combo is available now and with some shopping around, you may be able to buy them together at a price comparable to the Bridgestone Angelino Petite Assista. [Treehugger]


Adrian Candela’s DIY Furniture Made Out Of Cardboard.

Adrian Candela is building cardboard furniture out of the boxes used to ship our furniture. [Fair Companies]


Report From SEIA: Walmart Generates The Most Solar. IKEA Leads By Percent Of Stores Using Solar Power.

SEIA's Top 20 Companies by Solar CapacityAccording to a new report from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), Walmart is tops in commercial solar power production. Rooftop solar panels on an IKEA store.As a percentage of retail locations, IKEA leads the pack by installing solar panels on 79% of their stores. What does this mean? If you consider yourself a friend of all things green, you should buy all of your food & clothing at Walmart and your furniture & household items at IKEA. You should also ignore the post before this one that kind of makes fun of Walmart. [SEIA via GigaOM]