Ok, Maybe We Shouldn’t Blindly Accept All High Walk Scores As Good…

Live Here Walk To Walmart & McDonaldsWalkScore.com is a useful tool and eco favorite that helps people figure out how walkable their next home, apartment or condo is before they sign the papers. Not sure the walk score for this location is one that WalkScore.com wants to highlight. [tcd]


Goodwill Buy Of The Month: My Eight-Year Old Bought A Foosball Table For $9.99

Goodwill Buy:  $9.99 Foosball TableWhat happens when you bring an eight-year old to Goodwill? You drive home with a smiling kid and a dated, but still-functioning, foosball table filling your car. My son was so proud of his purchase that he offered to do all of my Goodwill shopping in the future. “Dad, just tell me what you need and I’ll find you the best deal. Did’ya know I found that foosball table and it was only $9.99?” He repeated his offer to be my personal Goodwill shopper and took credit for his bargain buy at least five times on the ride home. It was a proud Jubbling-parent moment.


Joupi Toy Store Bag Only Smiles When It’s Full

Gizmodo posted an article, “Clever Shopping Bag Only Puts a Smile on Kids’ Faces When It’s Full,” about French toy chain, Joupi, and their shopping bag that smiles when it has items in it. Designed by Euro RSCG 360, the bag is simple and creative.

Here’s the part where we could get our Jubbling up in a bunch and make a statement about how the Joupi toy store bag is all about consumption and waste but we’re not going to. Our feeling is that if you’re lucky enough to get one of these creative bags, you’ll reuse it more than you would a normal shopping bag. Now, if they could only license this idea to lingerie stores… [Gizmodo]


Jubbling Holiday Shopping Guide: Avoid The Gift Card Middleman And Just Give Cash

It’s estimated that 10% of all gift cards are never redeemed – an $8 billion windfall for retailers in 2006. Forgo the unnecessary and quickly disposed plastic this holiday by avoiding the gift card and the 45 seconds of thought that went into buying it and just give cash. Cash is accepted everywhere, never expires and when you use it, you’ll get your change back. Now the possible Starbucks commuter mug that doubles as a gift card would be the only exception.


Reusable Shopping Bags Come In Leaded And Unleaded Varieties

Just when we started to feel good about ourselves and regularly use our reusable shopping bags, a story comes out that they may be dangerous due to the toxic levels of lead they contain. It’s not the bags themselves but the leaded paint in the decals put on the bags. Yellow and green are the common leaded culprits. According to The Tampa Tribune, lead was found in bags purchased at Winn-Dixie, Publix, Sweetbay, Walmart and Target. In specific bags from Winn-Dixie and Publix, lead was found at levels above 100 ppm. This is below current EPA standards but will exceed safe levels for children in August 2011.

Some retailers are offering free exchanges or returns – check with the place you purchased your bags from to find out how they are handling the issue. For the most part, consumers seem to care less about their possibly toxic bags. As Elnora Cooper said to the Associated Press with her reusable shopping bag under her arm, “I’m not eating the bag … and I’m not going to get rid of it.”

I’m beginning to think that GroceryShirt 2.0 will have to wait.