TOTO’s Air-In-Shower Showerhead Reduces Water Use Up To 35%.

TOTO Air-In-Shower ShowerheadThe TOTO Air-In-Shower showerhead works by aerating the water so you can get the same shower experience but with less water. TOTO estimates that their Air-In-Shower showerhead will save a family of four (in Japan?) approximately $180/year by reducing the amount of hot water used per shower and will cut CO2 emissions by 146 kg/year.

Aerating water is not a new idea but TOTO will make it standard on all of their taps and fittings by February 2013. The price of the standalone Air-In-Shower showerhead is expected to be around $70 US. [DigInfo via Gizmodo]


Kohler’s Moxie Bluetooth Speaker + Showerhead Is A Short-Shower Killer.

Kohler Moxie Showerhead SpeakerKohler Moxie bluetooth speaker in showerhead.Get the $200 Kohler Moxie bluetooth in-showerhead speaker and say hello to 20 minute showers. Just when we needed a shower that goes cold after 3 minutes comes one that encourages the showerer to hit shuffle and extend it exponentially. Haven’t seen it yet but my guess is Kohler’s recommended playlist for the Moxie includes “Never Stop” (Echo & the Bunnymen) and “Don’t Stop Now” (Crowded House). If Jubbling had a say, the playlist would include “I Know It’s Over” (The Smiths), “Drain You” (Nirvana), “Leave Home” (The Chemical Brothers) and “Seconds” (U2). [Gizmodo]