Charge Your Cellphone With The Vodafone Booster Brolly (Umbrella) And Try Not To Look Pretentious.

Vodafone Booster Brolly - Solar powered cellphone signal boosting umbrellaThe Booster Brolly umbrella prototype looks like a good way to ward off the elements but it includes some bonus features: it will also charge your cellphone and boost its 3G signal. It’s from Vodafone and was designed in partnership with University College London. The Booster Brolly’s canopy includes “12 lightweight amorphous silicon triple-junction solar cells” and its carbon fiber handle conceals an LED flashlight.

Although designed for all seasons, here in the States the Booster Brolly would probably only see action in the rain.That’s because in the US, walking around with an open umbrella in the summer, and calling it a brolly, is like holding a big “mug me” sign over your head. [Our problem, not the Booster Brolly’s]

The Vodafone Booster Brolly will make its debut at the Isle of Wight music festival on June 22nd. [Crave UK]


The Solar-Powered SolarCross Turns The Electric Mountain Bike Idea To An “11”

SolarCross PV and Battery Powered Mountain BikeTerry Hope is the inventor and builder of the SolarCross solar-powered mountain bike and he did it for around $700 (Specialized FSR bike frame included). The SolarCross avoids fossil fuels altogether and can be powered by a pair of solar charged batteries or it can travel up to 2 mph using just the power generated by the front mounted solar panels.

You have to check out Mr. Hope’s website for more technical information on the SolarCross. It may not be where electric bikes are headed but the SolarCross mountain bike is definitely original. [Earthtechling]


Sunrun’s Advertisement: Going Solar To Save $’s First And Then Maybe The Environment

Sometimes green is a byproduct of saving money and that is what’s so great about Sunrun’s ad. Created by Heat, a San Francisco based ad agency, the advertisement is one of three that all hit the same spot with saving money as the primary motivation for going solar.

Sunrun’s solar lease model is similar to SolarCity’s. Basically, they’ll install solar panels on your property at no charge and you pay them instead of your utility for the electricity you consume. Sunrun’s ads are important because they will expand the market by encouraging homeowners who may be motivated by a different kind of green to switch to solar.

Jubbling’s take: we don’t care how you get to solar – just get there if you can. [FastCo.Exist]


Charge One AA Battery At A Time Via Solar With The Nokero C110 Battery Charger

Nokero C110 Battery ChargerAt $14, the solar-powered Nokero C110 AA battery charger might teach the kids something about patience. It takes a few hours to fully charge a single battery and includes one AA battery. Another nice feature of the Nokero C110 is that it also works with other rechargeable battery brands. [Nokero via Gizmodo]


Carbon Neutral Indoor Ski Resort Makes Everything Else Carbon Neutral Suck More

Ok, we survived Seattle’s Snowmageddon last week but had to suffer another post-free week. Of course I blame my kids for this and will now find a way to put them to work furthering the Jubbling cause.
Proposed Carbon Neutral Indoor Ski Resort in Barcelona
What did we miss? How about the proposed indoor carbon neutral ski resort that is planned for 2015 in Barcelona Spain. Yes, they need snow because it’s not available year round and to appease and appeal to the green folks, they’ll make it carbon neutral by using the cool energy that is generated when sub-zero liquefied natural gas is converted back to its gaseous state. In addition to the converted natural gas, the indoor ski resort will use solar and plant waste to power the facility. Dutch company SnowWorld, builder’s of Dubai’s indoor Ski Dubai, will be construct the facility in partnership with B01 Arquitectes of Barcelona.

Jubbling’s take: Nature defying projects like this kill us. Yes, they are making an effort to consume less resources and we normally see good in those kind of efforts. But this “tickle and slap” faux environmental-sensitivity drives us nuts! Save the layer of green paint, take a step back and just admire the amount of sucking that goes into a project like an indoor ski resort built in a city that most people want to escape to during the winter months. Instead of figuring out how to build it, they should really wonder why. []


Dateline China: Energy Efficient 30-Story Hotel Built In 15 Days (Video).

[youtube width=”425″ height=”239″][/youtube]

Pre-Fabricated T30 Hotel By BROAD Group China

Completed T30 Hotel

Built in only 15 days by the BROAD Sustainable Building (BSB) division of the BROAD Group, which specializes in the manufacture of air conditioning units, the T30 hotel is a marvel of pre-fabricated construction. At 30 stories and with 170,000 square feet of floorspace, the T30 also claims to be 5 times more energy efficient than a comparable sized hotel thanks to features like 4 pane windows, external solar shading, and a heat recovery system. Due in part to BSB’s decision to incorporate energy efficient ideas into T30’s construction, the hotel is receiving quite a few mentions on sustainably focused websites including Treehugger, Inhabitat, and Smart Planet.

Jubbling’s take: The next time we’re in China, we’ll choose to stay in the two story hotel that took one year to build instead. No offense but after seeing the pictures below, we don’t want to take any chances. Haste makes waste.

Chinese Apartment Building Collapse 1 Chinese Apartment Building Collapse 2 Chinese Apartment Building Collapse 3

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