Bullfrog Mousetraps?

Bullfrogs eat everything - National GeographicMy garage has a mouse problem and the mice are winning. Out of four attempts, the mice have nibbled around my peanut butter baited trap without ever releasing it. They’ve even left behind some potty business that looked like it spelled out their preference for chunky peanut butter.

I won’t go the poison or the sticky trap route and I’ve tried the furry-friendly method of capturing mice in a bucket after they walk the baited plank but they keep brazenly coming back. I swear one of the little buggers, after I released it, gave me the finger and squeaked out a “Sucker!

Time to bring in the bullfrogs. Can’t think of a more Jubbling way to get rid of the mice and a couple dozen spiders. [Laughing Squid]


Jubbling Break: Human Head Spider Video

Goldenrod crab spiderIs the video of the “Mutant Spider With Human Head?” an example of mimicry taken to a scary level or is it another hoax video? It does look like the goldenrod crab spider but it seems to be walking without moving its legs.

Hoax or not – my kids and I are hoping the human-head spider video is the Carton Network’s way of introducing a new character on Adventure Time. [RocketNews 24]

Adventure Time w/Crab Spidery