Jubbling Shouldn’t Be A Crime: Starbucks Barista Eats Food Out Of The Trash. Gets Fired.

Coulson Loptmann - former Starbucks barista who ate food out of the trash.

Former Starbucks barista, Coulson Loptmann, was fired for eating food out of the trash.

A Starbucks barista, who’s on food stamps, ate some food from the trash and got fired. Here’s the story (Consumerist):

“A 21-year-old barista who worked at a downtown Seattle Starbucks claims he was fired for taking a sandwich out of the trash and eating it. He argues that since his employers were going to toss it anyway, why should he be punished for pulling it out of the garbage, especially when he hasn’t been working enough hours to pay his bills?

The former employee tells The Stranger that he hadn’t eaten all day and was on a seven-hour shift, so when a coworker threw out some breakfast sandwiches that were out of stock, he figured it’d be fine and dandy to grab one for himself.

‘She said, ‘What a waste, huh?’’ he explained. ‘And she tossed it in the garbage. I figured, it’s in plastic, it’s fine. So I reached in and grabbed it.’

It wasn’t fine, according to what he says his manager told him a week later: She’d heard of the sandwich incident and spoken to HR, and ‘they consider it stealing, and it’s against policy. So I’m sorry, but I have to terminate you.’

A Starbucks spokesman says he can’t comment on an individual employee because ‘it is a violation of our policy to consume marked-out products.’ It’s not about stealing, either he adds: ‘We do not want our partners to consume potentially spoiled products and get sick.’

So could you get fired for breaking that policy? Not usually, said the spokesman, unless it was the culmination of a ‘broader, ongoing performance issue.’

The worker insists there were no such issues, and that he doesn’t believe the policy against eating out of the trash is about his own health, and not stealing.”

What I read: a hungry Starbucks barista was fired for Jubblingly eating some good food that shouldn’t have been tossed in the trash. Probably a misunderstanding similar to what George Costanza experienced in the Seinfeld episode where he ate an eclair out of the trash.

So please Starbucks, reconsider and give this kid his job back. Jubbling isn’t a crime but the unnecessary waste of throwing out perfectly good food should be. [The Stranger and Consumerist]


Starbucks Solution For Their Non-Recyclable Cup Problem: Charge $1 For A Reusable Plastic Version.

Starbucks new reusable cup.After years spent trying to perfect the recyclable cup, Starbucks has figured out a solution: sell a reusable plastic cup for $1, that looks like a disposable Starbucks cup, and then encourage people to reuse it by offering a $.10 discount on any drink served in the cup (aren’t they already doing this?). The $1 reusable cup was test marketed in the Pacific Northwest where Starbucks found that 26% of the reusable cups were reused. Not sure if this is a temporary fix or the final solution taken from their Cup Summits.

Reusable cup penance for sale?
The 26% reuse rate is better than a “poke in the eye” but I’m hoping the new reusable Starbucks cup will give returning customers $1 of additional motivation to remember to bring in a cup they already own and avoid the plastic reusable model. It feels like Starbucks has gone full-circle on this and instead of encouraging customers to bring in their own cup, they’re now selling us a $1 plastic reusable cup that we’re still likely to forget… or just throw out. [Gizmodo]


Free Brewed Coffee From Starbucks If You Bring In A Traveler Mug on Earth Day

Starbucks Coffee TumblerFor the second year, Starbucks will be offering customers a free cup of brewed coffee if they bring in their own or purchase a new traveler mug. It’s an Earth Day thing and it will be occurring all day on April 22nd in the US and Canada. My guess is that if Starbucks offered free brewed coffee randomly throughout the year, they could get their customers more into the habit of bringing in their own mugs.