BEEBOX Is The Mobile Workspace You Probably Don’t Need.

The BEEBOX Mobile WorkspaceDesigned by Buro Beehive, the BEEBOX is a mobile workspace that requires no construction and can be quickly setup when the need arises. Mobile crisis management solution? Probably and its designers go further by describing the BEEBOX as a:

“… way to make investments in working environment sustainable. Instead of investing in the building you are investing in furniture that is mobile.”

I’m not so sure about the BEEBOX mobile workspace solution mostly because there’s nothing minimal about it. My idea of a mobile workspace is more like the empty-box desk (picture below) and not a 92 sq. ft. container that should only be moved by roadies. [Core77]

John Ruble's MacGyver'd empty box desk.


Puzzle Playhouse From Modern Playhouse Is As Easy To Assemble As It Is To Disassemble.

Puzzle Playhouse from Modern PlayhouseWhat kid wouldn’t want a Puzzle Playhouse from Modern Playhouse? The Puzzle Playhouse can be used both indoors and outdoors and its tool-free assembly / disassembly takes less than 10 minutes. Plus, it’s sustainably built. From Inhabitot:

“The cute [Puzzle] playhouse is made with sustainable and domestically sourced maple apple-ply and comes in a beautiful natural maple color.”

And at only $650… wait a second, 650 bones? Sorry kids but we have to go with Plan B. [Inhabitots]

Jubbling Plan B to Puzzle Playhouse.


Oh Nuts! There’s Some Soup In My Sand….Made Bowl.

Victor Castanera Sandstone bowlsThis story goes in the green file folder labeled “I don’t think so.” Barcelona designer Victor Castanera creates his Sandstone bowls out of an acrylic resin and uses beach sand as his mold; no machinery. On his website, Mr. Castanera explains the process [Google translated]:

“The project aims to emphasize the importance of the production process for both the final product, which acquires a unique identity resulting from a decision of Nature, and the user who made ​​that experience with them from the time throwing water on the sand until they have to give at home use.”

This would be fun to project to do with the kids but are these Sandstone bowls usable? Sustainable? Would you use a Sandstone bowl more than once? Probably not. [Inhabitat]


The Orée Board Is A Wireless Wooden Keyboard That Might’ve Been Inspired By

The Orée Board.  Wireless and sustainable computer keyboard.The Orée Board from Orée Design is a cool, wireless and sustainable keyboard that is made from a single piece of wood – walnut or maple. Awesome. But the first thing I thought of when I saw the Orée Board on Inhabitat was the scambaiting website, 419eater, and the wooden keyboard hand-built by a Nigerian scammer who had the tables turned on him. If you get a chance, you have to read the full story on 419eater.

The Incredible Shrinking Artwork - 419eater.

A mouse chewed through the keyboard! 2006

The wireless, wooden, sustainable Orée keyboard – great; keep them coming. But remember to keep an eye out for mice. Thanks Mikey! [Inhabitat and]


Is It Possible To Have An Eco-Friendly, Green, Sustainable And Vegan Super Bowl Party? Should You?

We decided to re-post our article on how much you should or shouldn’t Jubbling-up your Super Bowl party this Sunday. Most of it still works except this year, the game is between the New England Patriots and New York Giants. Not rooting for either team so we hope the game ends up in a TIE.

Eco-friendly, Green, Sustainable and Vegan Super Bowl Party?

Lombardi Trophy-Hugging

It seems like every major holiday and event arrives with a spate of green and eco-friendly articles on how to enjoy it and this year’s Super Bowl is no different. From what you eat and drink to how you watch the Super Bowl; ideas for “greening up” the Super Bowl and Super Bowl parties are everywhere and it can be a little overwhelming. You can even find vegan recipes ideas to serve at your Super Bowl party. Please note, if you do go the vegan route, you must forewarn your guests or just go all the way and secretly add the O’Douls non-alcoholic beer to the mix so the beating you receive when they find out is even more deserved.

This prompted Jubbling to offer one Super Bowl recommendation of its own: don’t feel compelled to over green it. Janet Jackson Wardrobe Malfunction Super Bowl Maybe it’s at your house or at a local bar – either way, enjoy the game and try not to think too much about what you might be doing wrong. We can Tofurky the heck out of Thanksgiving and Valentines Day was almost invented for Jubbling but the Super Bowl is different. It’s a day with friends that is as much about indulging [some] as it is a day that Janet Jackson can expose her breast on national TV. Implement the Jubbling ideas that work but don’t over do it.

Lets face it, shooting and then roasting a berry loving Black Bear because you hate the Chicago Bears is extreme but so is watching the Super Bowl on a 5.5″ black & white hand-cranked TV while munching on tree bark. Find your Jubbling happy place, do what you can and then relish the Green Bay Packers victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers this Super Sunday. And don’t feel the need to root for the Packers because they’re “Green” Bay.


China To Phase Out Incandescents Because They Consume Too Much Electricity. Next!!

Freedom Light BulbOnce again, China makes an important sustainability decision and you just know it’s going to happen. They don’t screw around – look at how they banned free plastic bags in 2008 and have since reduced their consumption by 40 billion bags a year. Now it’s light bulbs and they’re set to ban the import and sales of 100 watt and higher incandescent bulbs by October 2012 and 60 watts and above by October of 2014. Lets see if the Light Bulb Freedom folks can gain a foothold in China. Good luck because the whole “keep your laws off our light bulbs” doesn’t work over there.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think of China as a model of environmental responsibility. They have their problems. But I sure like how they can make sweeping changes for the greater good and not worry about opposition from every special interest. [the guardian]