Coiled Electrical Cable Artist Pavel Sineve And Wicker Covered Car Artist Ojo Obaniyi Need To Have A Playdate.

Here’s a sample of some functional art by coiled electrical cable artist Pavel Sineve:
Coiled elecrtical cable art - Pavel Sineve
From Inhabitat:

“From a watering can made from a length of garden hose to an entire car made from electric cables, his clever sculptures show new possibilities for re-using everyday materials.”

You can see more of Pavel’s work on his website.

Just a continent away, artisan Ojo Obaniyi is coiling and wrapping the inside and outside of his truck in woven raffia palm cane.
The Wicker Car - Ojo Obaniyi

Just imagine what might get reused and wrapped if these two ever got together. [Inhabitat and Neatorama]