Tiny Home 2.0: Bicycle Edition.

Tiny Home 2.0: Bicycle Edition.Mobile tiny home bicycle is hard to not like. From Reddit user Wood-angel, the bicycle transported tiny home has a tiny kitchen, tiny TV and a tiny sleeping area. Want to build your own mobile tiny home? Blueprint below. [HuffPo and Reddit]

Bicycle tiny home blueprints.


Fanny Adam’s ‘Story’ Sofa Replaces Bed, Desk, Dresser And Dining Table. Ms. Adam: I Think We Have A Playdate Opportunity.

Story Sofa from Fanny AdamMultipurpose furniture is the key to making tiny houses work. Designed for a college project by Fanny Adam, “Story” is a sofa prototype that can work as a bed, dresser, desk and dining table. It’s kind of a Swiss-Army couch that would be ideal for smaller living spaces.

Which brings me to the playdate idea. We need to set something up between college bound tiny house builder Austin Hay and design school student Fanny Adam. This is about as close to a Reese’s moment and you’ll ever get: one builds the tiny house and the other designs the transformable furniture for it. Somebody make this happen! [Gizmodo and faircompanies]


Tiny Home In Barcelona Built Around An Island With Boat Type Stowage.

Monica Potvin and Markel Otaola built their home around a center island which contains their compact refrigerator, washer / dryer, closets, bathroom and just about everything except the kitchen sink. Storage is built into the floors and accessed via a handheld suction gripper. [Fair Companies]