West Virginia Family Living Well Off The Grid.

Living off the grid in West Virginia - Sonny and Linda Jobe's Solar Powered Pothole FarmEntering retirement age, Sonny and Linda Jobe decided to make a change and live entirely off the grid by purchasing and outfitting a farm house in Doddridge County West Virginia with 20 solar panels. The solar panels produce most of the power they use – 18 panels for electricity and 2 panels dedicated to powering their hot water heater. How do they do it? By owning a small home and adapting their lifestyle. From Sonny Jobe:

“If it’s gonna be sunny, it’s when we’ll do most of the cleaning and things – between vacuuming and 3 or 4 loads of laundry.”

Check out the full story to find out how the Jobes are further adapting during the winter months. [MNN]


Tiny Home In Barcelona Built Around An Island With Boat Type Stowage.

Monica Potvin and Markel Otaola built their home around a center island which contains their compact refrigerator, washer / dryer, closets, bathroom and just about everything except the kitchen sink. Storage is built into the floors and accessed via a handheld suction gripper. [Fair Companies]


Documentary “TINY” Is About A Couple Building Their Less Than 200 Sq. Ft. Dream Home

I truly believe that the desire to live in a tiny house started when as kids, we built forts out of empty cardboard boxes. It was our comfortable space that we stocked with blankets, stuffed animals and possibly food rations. Unfortunately, the idea of living in and enjoying a small space is something most of us grow out of but for Merete Mueller and Christopher Smith of Colorado, it’s still real. They built their tiny home out of re-purposed wood and made a movie about it, “TINY”, documenting the build and why they decided to go small.

Merete and Chris are often asked through their blog why they just didn’t purchase a pre-fab single wide or RV and for them, building from “scratch” was the whole point of the project. They also liked that their tiny-house felt like a home.

For now, the movie is on pre-order and only available on DVD but hopefully it’ll be available online soon. [Core77]


Family Of 4 Lives In 168 Sq. Ft. House And Seems Pretty Happy

[youtube width=”425″ height=”239″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gL5hC4KjpQ[/youtube]Anderson Cooper profiled a family that lives in a home with a 168 sq. ft. footprint. After closing their restaurant in 2008, Carl and Hari needed to downsize their lives. They moved from a 1500 sq. ft. home into their current “tiny” house that only cost them $12,000 to build. Thanks to their home’s small size, their expenses have also dropped (average power bill is around $40/month) and this allows Hari to bank her paycheck each month. Their goal is to save enough to make their next home mortgage free.

I’d be all in to go this “tiny” house route and I’m sure my wife would encourage me to build it. When it was completed, she wouldn’t move in but she would strongly encourage me to. [MNN]