Are Homes Built Out Of Shipping Containers Truly Jubbling?

Six Oaks:  Shipping container vacation homeHomes made out of re-purposed shipping containers are all the rage now and getting the same love as the small homes in the tiny house movement. But are they Jubbling?

Shipping container home - Redondo BeachYes, they are Jubbling because these homes reuse retired shipping containers in place of new materials. Shipping containers are pest & fire resistant and virtually indestructible. But also “No” because in some recent examples, there’s nothing minimal about homes built out of shipping containers.

Inhabitat posted an article about Six Oaks (top picture) – a shipping container vacation home in California that was built by Modulus. According to the article, Six Oaks was built to:

“To minimize grading and site impact, the home’s footprint was designed to fit within the topography…”

So I’m starting to think the problem is with me and my jealous expectation that a shipping container vacation home to look like the one below and not the stacked beauties above that put my own house to shame. Home built out of shipping container - TaiwanHopefully, the people that build and live/vacation in shipping container homes don’t use a “greener than thou” attitude as an excuse to go bigger and construct a container-McMansion. Jubbling loves it when people build with re-purposed materials but we’re also rooted in the idea of consuming less. [Inhabitat]


McMansion My Ass! Teenager Building His Own Transportable 130 Sq. Ft. Home

[youtube width=”425″ height=”239″][/youtube]Sixteen year old Austin Hay of Santa Rosa California is much smarter than the rest of us. While we slave away trying to make our mortgage payments and live to our means, he’s looking at his future and building a 130 sq ft transportable home that he hopes to take to college and beyond. Notice in the video where he takes pride is the amount of waste he is not creating and it’s even better to hear him explain why he doesn’t need a larger space – “I don’t think bigger is better…too many chores.”