Eating Roadkill In Montana Is A Vote Away From Being Legal.

Elk on a car in Montana.Montana is about to pass a law legalizing the consumption of roadkill. The law will only apply to elk, deer, antelope and moose but will not extend to fur-bearing animals.

Jubbling’s take: consuming roadkill is a much more Jubbling alternative to leaving a freshly killed animal behind to rot. I’d participate in eating roadkill too if a Tofurky made the mistake of running in front of my car. [USA Today]


The Holiday Vegetable Loaf Was Tofurkying Up Thanksgiving Decades Before Tofurky!

Holiday Vegetable Loaf: The Mother of all Tofurkys.Who would’ve thought that working down the food chain and going veggie was happening long before it was cool. Not sure how quickly I’d pounce on this meatless Holiday Vegetable Loaf but I do like that it’s on a bed of mashed potatoes. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy your leftovers – XO XO Jubbling. [Boing Boing]


The Better World Shopping Guide – Cast Your Vote With The Products You Buy

The Better World Shopping GuideThe Better World Shopping Guide by Ellis Jones is close to “my kind of book.” It’s small, has big graphics and most of all it gets to the point and helps you make your next informed purchase a small act of Jubbling. It’s thanks to 15+ years of research into companies that produce the products that we should buy and goes even further by checking out their parent companies as well. [Read more…]