The iPotty Potty Training Toilet With iPad Holder. Waste Meets Waste?

iPotty Potty Training Toilet w/iPad holderWhat potty training kid is going to walk away from their iPotty when there’s an iPad sitting in front of them? Avoid the temporary plastic iPotty, sit your kid on the seat and tell them to sing or read until they’ve taken care of business. They’ll figure it out soon enough and you won’t be scrambling for your iPad every time they need to go. [Laughing Squid]


When Going Green Made People Feel Green: The Eco Dry Toilets That Stunk.

Waterless Eco-Toilet from SEI ( has had a little eco-reflux lately. That’s why stories like the one about the Daxing Ecological Community stand out. It was built in the mid-2000’s and one of the featured ideas implemented in this drought plagued community was a waterless eco-toilet designed by the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI).

The way the eco-toilet worked was targeted weewee would go down one drain and the solid stuff would be caught, saw-dusted and flipped down another drain into a holding tank in the basement. The tank would be emptied 2 or 3 times per month and the collected poo-business could be turned into fertilizer. In theory, the waterless eco-toilet sounded like a great idea.

But the problems with the toilets were almost immediate. Residents were overwhelmed with an ammonia smell that their bathroom fans couldn’t expel fast enough. And the smell from the unsealed poo-poo holding tanks in the basement raised the stink level to a point that some refused to eat in their apartments – they ate meals on their balcony. 15% of the households also reported gynecological problems stemming from the dispersal of sawdust.

SEI sent in experts who called the builders “irresponsible” and sealed the holding tanks and made improvements to the fans. But these were temporary fixes and the residents were still not happy until flushing toilets were installed in 2009.

Rarely would I be asked or able to offer my expert opinion on any topic but I could’ve helped the Daxing Ecological Community on this one. In 1976, my family stayed at an eco mini-community in the countryside of Japan. It was designed around sustainability and one of its flagship ideas was waterless toilets that used natural gas to incinerate solids. The smell of fried dookie wafted through our cabin and it’s an odor you smell once and never forget. For us kids, crap-cooking was at first kind of neat. But by day three, the novelty had worn off and we were all anxious to get out of there.

So idea people, please don’t mess with the toilet much. There are so many other ways to reduce water use – eco’ing up the toilet should probably be last on the list. [Guardian]


No-Mix Vacuum Toilet Had Me At “Uses 90% Less Water.” The Other Features Sound Like Hot Gas.

No-Mix Vacuum Toilet   Nanyang Technical UniversityFor some reason, a good Jubblingified idea can get lost in a bunch of eco-crap. In this case, the crap is literal and the good idea is the No-Mix Vacuum Toilet. Developed by Assistant Professor Wang Jing-Yuan and 4 other researchers from Nanyang Technical University, the No-Mix Vacuum Toilet can process our dirty business with 90% less water by using airplane toilet like suction. It then separates the solids from the liquids and the captured goods are then processed further (from the Inhabitat article):

“The No-Mix Vacuum Toilet then diverts the liquid waste to a processing facility where components [are] used for fertilizers — nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium can be recovered. Meanwhile all solid waste is sent to a bioreactor where it will be digested to release bio-gas which contains methane. The gas can then be converted to electricity and used to fuel power plants or fuel cells.”

The ultimate aim of the No-Mix Vacuum Toilet team is to separate, capture and convert everything flushed into useful resources.No Mix Vacuum ToiletI’d buy a Vacuum Toilet and I do expect that my kids will try to drop a solid in the liquid section. Kids do that kind of stuff… so do adults. That’ll pass. What I don’t want to see is a toilet that uses 90% less water being delayed because we don’t have the infrastructure in place to process the poo and pee separately. It’s a great goal to have but it shouldn’t be all or none.

So please bring the No-Mix Vacuum Toilet to market asap so we can start conserving water. In the interim, we’ll just call it the No-Mix Vacuum Toilet. When we figure out how to separate #2 from #1, we can drop the strikethru and bring “No-Mix” back to the party. [Inhabitat]


I’m Having Second Thoughts About The Greywater Sink & Toilet Combination

Eco Bath by Jang wooseokWouldn’t it be great if we could use the normally wasted greywater, the water that goes down the drain, to fill and flush our toilet? Seems like a no-brainer Jubbling idea and Jang wooseok has designed a toilet that melds a sink and a toilet to do just that. It’s not the first of its kind and his Eco Bath model works like the others by capturing the normally drained water from the sink into a holding tank that can be used to fill the toilet for flushing. Placing the sink on top of the toilet is great for people that live in small spaces and in a pinch, the attached sink could be used as a urinal. But I’m not as sold on the idea of filling the crapper with sink runoff anymore.
Eco Bath greywater toilet
What caused the change? For me, it was the idea of the greywater tank holding a couple of days of tooth-brushing and flossing water as well as the water from washing grubby hands. Accessing and cleaning the greywater tank from time to time would be a definite dirty job that might end up more challenging than scrubbing the toilet.

But I have to remind myself that Jubbling is about being inconvenienced and my whining about cleaning the greywater tank is just that. Maybe if I hadn’t heard about runoff toilet, I wouldn’t be so averse now to ideas like the Eco Bath. [Treehugger]


Jubbling @ Microsoft: Would You Like “Up-Flush” To Be Your Default Application?

Microsoft Flush InstructionsThe success of Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 7, pales in comparison to the success they’ve found by Jubbling. Atleast in my eyes. And Microsoft has found a “sweet spot” with us by turning the bathroom experience into a Jubbling event. Yeah, automatically turning on/off the lights as you enter/leave a bathroom is neat but so 2004 and we say BFD to the automatic faucets. What did Microsoft do to take the Jubbling to an 11? They gave toilet users a choice to decide if they want to Up-flush or Down-flush depending on their output and they’ve provided a seat where you can make your decision. “Up” is for liquid waste and flushes with less water and “Down” is for chunky and uses the full tank. Either choice is Jubbling and well beyond the normal office recycling and use of biodegradable flatware. I could’ve spent an hour in the bathroom testing out the technology and taking notes but 54 minutes was enough.

Keep up the good work Microsoft. You’ve got one less hater out there thanks to your Jubbling efforts.


Cat Jubbling

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