Wee-Wee Is Partially Powering A Float At Carnival In Rio. Power To The PEE-ple!

Electric Pee float at Carnival in Rio
Power to the pee-pleThis will only take a second.

Poopcycle, you’ve got competition. During this year’s Carnival in Rio, the AfroReggae float is going to be partially powered by pee-pee / urine / wiz. From JWT Brazil:

“JWT Brazil and NGO AfroReggae teamed up this year to do something about it. The result is the ‘Electric Pee’ project — a unique urinal designed to generate electric energy from urine. Using a process similar to a hydroelectric power plant, which uses flowing water to generate energy, the energy created from each use will help generate power for AfroReggae’s float at Carnival.”

Told you it wouldn’t take long to relieve ourselves of this story. [JWT via Treehugger]


Powered By Poop: Toiletcycle Is Taking A Road Trip Across Japan Skidmarks And All

Toilet Bike Neo - TOTO Toilets JapanThis is one we didn’t want to get our hands dirty with but after a little pushing we’re relieved to give you the Toilet Bike Neo from TOTO, the leading shitter manufacturer in Japan. TOTO claims their Toilet Bike Neo is part of an effort to cut down on CO2 emissions and now it’s about to embark on a 500 mile journey across Japan powered by the chunky stuff. The system basically works by converting the brown into methane which then powers the PlopperChopper.

We’re still not sure why they built the CrapRocket but we do have a rider in mind and they don’t need to look far for him. [Gizmodo.com]

[youtube width=”340″ height=”191″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWXGlNCEPLQ[/youtube]