Bicycle Barometer: Bike Or Ride Train To Work?

Bicycle Barometer by Richard J. PopeThe Bicycle Barometer by Richard J. Pope is doing more than just tracking the weather to determine the best way to get to work each day – it’s also receiving information about his local rail station (open/close, delayed) and the amount and type of precipitation. Mr. Pope made the Bicycle Barometer from an old clock he found at a flea market and he’s posted information on his site so DIY’ers in the UK can build their own. [OFTCC via Neatorama]


How Do You Motivate Southern Californians To Ride A Mass Transit? Make It A Party Train To Vegas And Hangover Aid Back.

X Train from Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc. - Party Train

“If you party really hard, it sucks driving back,”
Current ‘Bro’ and future rider of the LA to Las Vegas Party Train

The Las Vegas Railway Express, founders of the X Train, hope SoCal residents will be making their trips to Vegas via rail instead of wheels in 2013. They’re pressing all the right buttons to generate interest in their LA to Las Vegas X Train “party train” and they’re even tapping into the aspects that are Jubbling. From LVRE’s website:

“And we have our green hat on too… Five year cumulative cars eliminated on I-15 – 4,461,600… Five year cumulative CO2 reduction from cars taken off the I-15 – 1,085,061,120 pounds. So all in all, the X Train is a pretty good deal for Las Vegas and you only have to wait another year for it all to begin.”

Good luck Las Vegas Railway Express. If your X Train party on rails hits it big – you will have proven that adding dancing and booze to mass transit is the key to increasing ridership. Get ready to ditch your rides car-huggers of Southern California. [Seattle Times]