Homemade Valentine’s Cards For The Classroom

Valentines Card PacksDefinitely don’t want to leave the kids out; they probably need more help with Valentine’s cards than their parents. That’s because if your kids are elementary school age, they have to bring Valentine’s cards for everyone in their class – even for the kids they don’t like. For us, it’s been an annual trip to the Rite Aid where we spend 15+ minutes choosing one of the over-packaged Valentine card kits with SpongeBob, Hello Kitty, Harry Potter etc. The card is like gift wrap and is quickly peeled off and forgotten while the treats are collected and traded like prison cigarettes.

But don’t fret this year because Jubbling can help and you won’t have to leave your house. Our sample homemade classroom Valentine’s cards were created more to inspire but if you see one you like, it’s yours free of charge. It’s your call if you want attach a sticker, tattoo or candy to your homemade Valentine’s card but staying at home and making more memorable classroom cards yourself is the key to your kid’s Jubbling Valentines.

Pre-Recycled Classroom/Kids Valentine's Card Pre-Recycled Valentine’s Card – This is the easy way out card. Use at own risk.
Download printer ready PDF.

Homemade joke Valentine's card for kids Valentine’s Day Joke Card – Wasn’t sure about this one but my kids thought it was funny. Just the word poop alone can bring down the house with the 3rd grade and under crowd. Sprinkle in some Valentines message and you’ve got a winner.
Download printer ready PDF.

Homemade kid's Valentine's card for the classroom bully. Valentine’s Day Card For The Classroom Bully – If Valentine’s day is your kids last day at their school and they have a bully in their class, this is your card. Ideally your kid will have two bullies in their class so they can sign it from/to each bully.

You can also substitute the penny with a piece of copper wire to get the same effect.

You are the treat - homemade classroom Valentine's card You Are A Treat – My daughter is planning on handing out this card. It has a positive message and replaces the need for an actual treat.
Download printer ready PDF.