So What Is SUPERGRAU’s KLOEZZE: Firewood For The 1% Or Jumbo Lincoln Logs… For The 1%?

SUPERGRAU's KLOEZZE  Designer FirewoodCore77 posted a hard-to-believe article about KLOEZZE designer firewood from German design firm SUPERGRAU. A KLOEZZE six-pack includes 3 pine, 2 oak and 1 cherry piece of designer firewood and sells for around $225. SUPERGRAU encourages potential customers to play with their KLOEZZE’s by stacking and sitting on them before setting them ablaze.

Roadside firewood sales.I’m sure KLOEZZE designer firewood burns like a champ but what I’d miss with it, besides the $225 I spent, would be the opportunity to negotiate and get a legitimate cord of wood from the roadside wood salesman and I’d miss the threat of spiders. If SUPERGRAU could figure out a way to introduce both of these features into the KLOEZZE experience, they might have another customer. Until then, I’m sticking with old-school.

SUPERGRAU KLOEZZE 6-packIf you get a chance, visit SUPERGRAU’s website. In my lifetime, I never thought I’d see an image of firewood sharing space with a magazine opened to a picture of a naked ass. At least I can check that off the bucket list… and now add it to my unbucket list. [Core77]


Studio Weave’s “The Hear Heres” Trumpet Horn Installation Lets People Listen To The Natural World. Will It Be Abused? Likely.

The Hear Heres exhibit from Studio Weave.Anyone who has been to a park with larger-than-life interactive installations knows how much fun they can add to your visit. And “The Hear Heres” display/exhibition, created by British design firm Studio Weave, is no different and encourages visitors to listen to nature. From Inhabitat:

“Three of the exhibition trumpets are directed towards nature, while the fourth relies on human interaction. One horn curves dramatically toward a babbling stream, and another juts out into the calm country sky. One trumpet even wraps itself all the way up a large oak tree, giving visitors the chance to listen in on the rustling branches, chattering squirrels, and singing birds. The most interactive bugle sits on the estate’s great lawn with two giant open ends and a curved arch for the middle for visitors to whisper to one another.”

My kids and I love visiting places that are interactive and more than just open spaces.

But I’m also little embarrassed to admit, from my experience, that kids will always figure out ways to abuse these well intended installations. I hope “The Hear Heres” exhibit doesn’t end up amplifying a sound, from the natural world, we’d just as soon not hear amplified. [Inhabitat]

The Don't of The Hear Heres exhibit.


Former Seattle Mariner, John Olerud, Is Using The Bible To Get His Neighbor To Cut Down A View Blocking Tree.

John Olerud.  Chinese Pine Tree.

“The Bible says, ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and strength, and your neighbor as yourself.’ That’s Jesus’ commandment.”
John Olerud quoting the Bible to get a tree cut down.

When John Olerud joined the Seattle Mariners in 2000, he instantly became a fan favorite. He was the local kid who came home, played well and most of all, played with humility. That’s why it’s hard to read about his efforts to get his friend [former] and Clyde Hill neighbor to cut down a 50 year old Chinese pine tree to improve the view from his $4 million house built in 2009. Fortunately for Mr. Olerud, Clyde Hill is one of the first cities in the nation that has a process to condemn and remove trees that block scenic views and sunlight.

It’s crazy to think that a 50 year old tree can be legally removed to improve the view of a 3 year old home. But what’s worse is that the person I thought was one of the good guys in sports would fight his neighbor’s desire to keep his tree and go even further by quoting scripture to get the city to remove it. [Seattle Times]


Guerrilla Grafters Are Doing Some Guerrilla Jubbling By Grafting Fruit Tree Branches To City Trees

[youtube width=”425″ height=”239″][/youtube]Maybe if I worked for the City of San Francisco, I might be pissed about Guerrilla Grafters grafting branches from fruit trees on the city trees but only because I have to be. Guerrilla Grafters are illegally grafting fruit tree branches, including cherry and Asian pear, to the cities trees and from the video, the people working near the trees like the idea. Are they FrankenFruit trees now? We prefer the name JubbliFruit trees. []