Toshiba’s Regza 32BE3 32-inch LED Backlit Television Uses ZERO Power In Standby Mode

Toshiba Regza 32BE3 LED TelevisionElectronics are notorious sippers of electricity even when you think they’re turned off. It’s called vampire draw or standby power and it accounts for 5-10% of the electricity we consume. Toshiba’s Regza 32BE3 32″ LED television is different and thanks to its Eco Chip, completely powers down when you turn it off; no need to unplug it (if you’re freakish like that). And when it’s on, the LED backlit Regza 32BE3 draws 27% less power than Toshiba’s previous 32″ model and includes settings to reduce the screen’s brightness to 50 – 75% based on the lighting levels in your room.

So if you are in the market for a new TV and power consumption is an important factor, be sure to check out the Toshiba Regza 32BE3 32″ LED TV. It’s due out in mid-December. And if you don’t own a TV and look down on everyone that does, good for you too. You get a star. []