Siemens Builds World’s Largest Offshore Wind Turbines And DONG Will Operate The Wind Farm.

World's Largest Wind Turbine - SiemensSiemens is building the massive 6-megawatt wind turbines and DONG Energy will manage the project off the Yorkshire coast. DONG’s long term plan is to install 300 of the Siemen’s wind turbines around the UK. It’s great to see DONG and Siemens working so well together. [e360]


Home Energy Hogs: Clothes Dryers In The US And Tea Kettles In The UK. Tea Kettles?

The 4%'rs:  Tea Kettle vs Clothes DryerIt seems people in the UK love their tea the way we love our dry clothes. According to an article in the Guardian Sustainable Business Blog, the Brits are loving their tea so much that it’s accounting for 4% of UK household carbon emissions. The 4% is familiar because it matches how much electricity is consumed by clothes dryers in a US household.

How can a tea kettle use so much power? It seems tea drinkers in the UK like their tea hot and due to distractions, have to re-boil the water in their tea kettle 2.4 times per cup of tea. The solution offered by the article was clothesline-simple – whistles on tea kettles.

Easy fix and our only job left is to find a less-dorky Jubbling equivalent website in the UK that will push tea kettle whistles the way we push clotheslines. [Guardian SBB via Grist]


Virgin Atlantic Recycled PET Amenity Kits: Lipstick On A Monkey Or Genuine Jubbling?

Virgin Atlantic rPET Amenity Kits

“These [amenity] kits not only look great but also have a better sustainability profile.”
Paul Sands
head of product and service for Virgin Atlantic

In the Business Green article, “Virgin Atlantic: Taking recycling to 33,000ft,” Virgin Atlantic is taking a step in the sustainable direction by offering amenity kits made out of recycled PET (rPET) on their domestic UK flights. The amenity kits [which hold toiletries, headphones and related items] will be made out of recycled plastic bottles and distributed to Upper Class and Premium Economy customers.

The move is partially in response to environmental opposition to Virgin Atlantic’s decision to start the domestic UK flights. The short inter-UK flights are considered energy inefficient due to the frequent and high fuel consuming take-offs and landings; especially when compared to existing rail options between the routes that will create less emissions.

So what do you think: are the recycled PET amenity kits lipstick on a monkey or an example of some good Jubbling? OOOH OOOH AAAH AAAH! [Business Green]