Suitable Technologies $16,000 Beam Video Robot Lets A ‘Virtual’ You Lurk Around The Office And Attend Meetings.

Suitable Technologies BeamThe goal of Suitable Technologies $16,000 Beam is to connect people separated by distance. And to Jubbling, cutting back on air travel is a good thing.

But could a robot rolling around a remote office really be that effective? Probably not. Like the other remotely controlled video camera & screen robot, I see the unnecessary Beam getting teased, laughed at and eventually put on a treadmill in the remote office’s supply closet. Just sayin. [Wired]


Plant Host Drone (PHD) Lets Your Plants Follow The Sunlight. Still Gets A Damn Unnecessary Machine (DUM) From Jubbling.

Plant Host Drone (PHD)Don’t get me wrong, the Plant Host Drone (PHD) is a neat project and its creator, Belgian sculptor Stephen Verstraete, is more talented asleep than I am awake. I just hope people don’t consider putting their houseplants on autonomous, battery-powered vehicles that follow the sunlight a viable product. Even if the PHD served double duty and dragged a cat toy around the room as it moved, it still wouldn’t make the Jubbling cut. It’s a greenie “fishing with hand grenades” kind of idea. [Gizmag]