Fedex Moving Toward Electric Vehicle And Hybrid Fleet

Federal Express Electric VehicleI’ll be the first to admit that I’m not completely sold on the whole consumer marketed hybrid/electric vehicles yet, but for a delivery company like Fedex, electric and hybrid vehicles are a no-brainer and a definite Jubbling. It all has to do with the whole “start/stop” idea inherent in the delivery business and having an electric vehicle that doesn’t idle and never has to be restarted gives Fedex a Jubblingoligical advantage over other parcel companies. That is why Fedex is also converting their older vehicles into more efficient hybrid models that will lessen the effect of idling and restarting after each package delivery. And to re-charge some of these electric vehicles, Federal Express’s Oakland HUB will use electricity generated by their Bloom Box from Bloom Energy.

Mapping delivery routes to follow the “right-turn” only idea was a good start but converting their delivery fleet to electric and hybrid vehicles will help get Fedex the Jubbling patch.

Related News: Not to be outdone, UPS just announced the addition of 200 hybrid vehicles to its fleet of delivery trucks. Service levels, however, will remain the same.