Nothing Says Happy Valentines Day And “LOVE” Like Spending Twenty-Four Hours Gluing 2500 Matches On Reclaimed Wood

Love made out of 2500 match sticks glued to reclaimed wood.
This image and article was originally posted on in November 2010. It was then re-posted on and timed for Valentines Day.

I search and read through hundreds of articles daily that could be Jubbling but I’m never sure how to make the connection with ART. The “Love” sign is a perfect example. It was created using 2500 matchsticks that were glued to a piece of reclaimed wood (the Jubbling?). It’s timed well with Valentines Day around the corner and the artist, Pei San Ng, states that:

LOVE on fire represents romance and passion or destruction and jealousy. It is raw and gritty.

Jubbling is dum.It’s still difficult to draw a link between this kind of art and Jubbling. But it does remind me of a piece of ART, also created on reclaimed wood, that was photographed and emailed to us with a readers heartfelt reaction to Jubbling after visiting our site.


Jubbling Up Valentines Day For That Special Someone By Making Your Own Valentines Card

Valentines Card - Dead FlowersNot a Valentines Day goes by without me disappointing my wife but I think this year is going to be different. Thankfully, she doesn’t visit so I should be able to sneak in a post for the men in our audience about how to Jubblingly deliver this year on Valentines Day.

It’s easy guys, think of the opposite of what you’d want on Valentines Day and write it in a card that you make yourself. Coloring is a plus but not absolutely necessary. We’ve all seen the positive reaction that handmade kid’s cards get; I don’t think a custom message delivered on a hand written and drawn card ever gets old. Yes, we could all do what we normally do and drive to the store and spend 20 minutes searching and eventually buying a $5.00 card that uses words we never would – cherished? After 24 hours of display time, our Valentine card purchase ends up in the garbage and forgotten. That is why I like Plan J – making my own card from scratch paper or folded printer paper for my special someone. Here are some samples that might help you get started.

Valentines Card #1 – Guess Who’s Getting Lucky?
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