Vanderlande Industries Builds Energy Efficient Conveyors.

Vanderlande Industries Greenveyor BlueveyorVanderlande Industries of the Netherlands builds conveyors and automated sorters for airlines, shipping companies and manufacturing facilities. Their Greenveyor and Blueveyor conveyor’s require 50% and 75% less energy, respectively, to convey items compared to previous belt systems. The Blueveyor is Vanderlande Industries’ next generation conveyor and was inspired by the cradle-to-cradle design idea of creating efficient systems that are waste free. In addition to energy savings, the Blueveyor is PVC free, requires half the materials to build and is fully recyclable.

Energy efficiency and cradle-to-cradle design are great but what is the real reason Jubbling is mentioning Vanderlande Industries? Because it sounds a lot like Vandelay Industries – the place where George Costanza wanted to be hired as a latex salesperson. [GreenBiz]