The Edible BeetBox Drum Machine From Scott Garner And The Washing Machine Drummer ‘Whirled Beats’

Electronic drum setYes, they still sell electronic drum sets but maybe not for long. We’ve found two alternative percussion instruments that both have a Jubbling side benefit: one is a DIY project that may also encourage a renewed love of veggies and the other will discourage the need for clean laundry.

Maybe the key to getting your kids to eat beets is to let them play the vegetable first. The BeetBox was created by Scott Garner and uses touch to create a sound from each beet. From Scott’s website:

“BeetBox is a simple instrument that allows users to play drum beats by touching actual beets. It is powered by a Raspberry Pi with a capacitive touch sensor and an audio amplifier in a handmade wooden enclosure.”

Creating a beat and working down the food chain is a good thing.

Another beat maker moving away from the full-size drum set and into a less consuming option is the 10-year washing machine drummer in the video below:

Difficult to run the washer when it’s your kids drum set. (Yes, we know we’re stretching the Jubbling a bit.) [Wired and Laughing Squid]


Adding Edible Eyes To Fruits And Vegetables May Be One More Reason Kids Won’t Eat Them.

Edible Eyes from Suck UKRight now, my 9-year old is going through the Toy Story phase where every stuffed animal, rock and chunk of scrap wood is real and has a life. Getting him to part with Rocky VI (pet rock) and Woody XI (beach wood) is always a struggle. That’s why I probably won’t buy any Edible Eyes stick-on sugar eyes that you can put on fruits and vegetables to give them a happy face. Edible Eyes packageDon’t get me wrong, Suck UK (great name) has come up with a neat product and their intentions are good – edible stickers that give fruits and veggies a little character and friendly personality.

Edible eyes, in a normal household, would encourage kids to work down the food chain and make eating fruits and veggies more fun. But it wouldn’t work in our house and the results wouldn’t be pretty. I foresee 10+ smiling-eyed, uneaten, bruised and shriveled “Fruities” sitting on a shelf or by a bed like a favorite stuffed animal. Sorry Edible Eyes – great idea but we’re going to have to pass. [Laughing Squid]


Unprocessed Organic Carrots Hug. Processed Non-Organic Carrots Are Sickos

Unprocessed Carrot vs Processed CarrotWho’d you rather? The organic, hugging carrots on the left or the processed, creepy from-a-bag carrot [smiley face added] on the right? [Carrot on the left from Farm Food Freedom Coalition via Grist]


Chick-fil-A Sues Kale Loving Entrepreneur To Stop Making “Eat More Kale” Shirts

Eat More Kale or Chik-fil-A?From my own personal experience, it takes a strong person to stomach kale. So anyone willing to promote it with “Eat More Kale” logo apparel should be left alone. But that’s not happening in the case of Bo Muller-Moore and his battle with the Chick-fil-A folks because they think he’s infringing on their “Eat Mor Chikin” slogan. From an article on Treehugger, Chick-fil-A’s attorneys think Bo’s “Eat More Kale” message will dilute their chikin thing because it:

“is likely to cause confusion of the public and dilutes the distinctiveness of Chick-fil-A’s intellectual property and diminishes its value.”

Might be the first and only time Chick-fil-A and intellectual are in the same sentence and if you try kale once, I think any possible confusion between the two products will go away.

That’s why to us, it’s all comedy. WTF is a “Chick-fil-A”? And even further, Eat Mor Chikin is supposed to be light and humorous – what’s up with the litigious bovines… or is it the chikins that are getting all legal? Now if Bo’s pro-kale slogan was “Éat Moore Kail” with 3 cucumbers holding up each word, Chick-fil-A might have a case. But we hate to think that Chick-fil-A can legally issue a cease and desist order to every group using “Eat More” in their slogan.

Thanks to the controversy, more “Eat More Kale” products are being ordered and Bo needs 2-3 weeks to keep up with demand. Maybe some “Eat More Jubblingly” gear is around the corner because the “Love More Jubblingly” shirts were a fail. [Treehugger]