Nurse Shark Goes Vegetarian. Now Questions Other Sharks About Their Fish Eating Ways.

Florence The Vegetarian Shark - Birmingham National Sea Life CentreFlorence, a nurse shark at the Birmingham National Sea Life Centre, had a near death experience with a rusty fish hook that required surgery to remove. Ever since the operation, Florence has moved down the food chain and flipped her diet away from fish and now prefers veggies. She’s such a strict vegetarian that her handlers have to sneak the protein she needs into her cucumbers and lettuce so she’ll eat it.

Florence may be teased and ostracized by the other sharks for her vegan ways but she can always get inspiration from Bruce of Finding Nemo fame. He made going veggie work and that’s why I have no doubt that she’ll eventually be fine in her own leathery skin. [Treehugger]

Here’s a video of a video of Florence the shark from ITV news:


Had To Put The Chicken Chair On Jubbling Before Everyone Else.

“I like eating chickens, but I also like for people to be aware of how they live and the consequences of the little decisions they give for granted everyday. I would like people to see a chicken again in their daily life, to find it both uncomfortable and beautiful at the same time.”Sebastian Errazuriz

Hmmm, how to make it fit on Jubbling… maybe a “Chicken Chair” in every house will encourage, or guilt, people into working down the food chain and eat less meat. Or maybe it’s best used as a punishment for calling me an eco-hipster – “get connected with your food and give me 15 minutes on the chicken chair.” Wait, that would be eco-hipsterish of me. [core77]