’50 Easy Ways To Be Greener (And Save Money)’ YouTube Video.

video “50 Easy Ways to be Greener (and Save Money)” is about easily implementable tips that will reduce your consumption and save you some coin. It’s worth your time to watch this 6 minute video. [Upworthy]


Amazing Video Of A Diver Freeing A Dolphin Tangled In Fishing Line.

On a swim with manta rays off of Hawaii, diver Keller Laros encountered a dolphin that had fishing line wrapped around its pectoral fin. He manages to cut away the line that restricted the dolphin’s ability to swim – possibly saving the dolphins life. Not only should Mr. Laros’ efforts be applauded but some credit needs to be passed over to his dolphin patient. From Treehugger:

“Incredibly, the wild dolphin then appears to readily comply with Laros’s efforts to help, positioning its body to make his work easier, seeming to give full trust in the terrestrial stranger.”

Nice to have a positive end to this story.

Ghost netFishing line waste is a problem but not to the level of ghost nets. Ghost nets, gillnets lost at sea or dumped into the ocean at the end of a season, are a major repeat killer of marine life. The floating discarded nets entangle enough sea life that eventually they’ll sink to the bottom of the ocean. After the sea life is consumed, the synthetic nets then float back to the surface and the process is repeated. You can find out more about ghost nets on Oceansinc.org. [Treehugger]


Jubbling Break: Human Head Spider Video

Goldenrod crab spiderIs the video of the “Mutant Spider With Human Head?” an example of mimicry taken to a scary level or is it another hoax video? It does look like the goldenrod crab spider but it seems to be walking without moving its legs.

Hoax or not – my kids and I are hoping the human-head spider video is the Carton Network’s way of introducing a new character on Adventure Time. [RocketNews 24]

Adventure Time w/Crab Spidery


Jubbling Break: “Little Kid vs Lion” Video.

From the kid’s perspective, the lion is a big playful kitty. From the lion’s perspective, this is just a little window shopping.


Shell Oil’s Arctic Drilling Rig Tulluk Breaks Free And Floats Amok.

Shell Oil’s Arctic drilling rig Tulluk broke free of it’s tow line and is now aground on a shoreline 50-miles south of Kodiak Alaska. Eighteen crew members were rescued from the Tulluk and the concern now is making sure the tanks holding 150,000 gallons of lubricating oil and fuel don’t leak.

It’s great to hear the crew members were saved but holy crap – didn’t the folks behind the spoof #ShellFAIL video predict that something bad would happen if Shell drilled in the Arctic? I sure hope Shell has a solid plan for cleaning up spills in areas that are this geographically isolated. [NY Times GB]


‘MAN’ Animated Short By Steve Cutts Looks At Mans Dysfunctional Relationship With The Natural World.

Steve Cutt’s “MAN” animated video is described as “mans relationship with the natural world” and it reminds me a little of WALL-E (without the happy ending). Whether we like it or not, we all make guest appearances in this video. [Laughing Squid]