Jubbling Break: Golden Eagle Tries To Snatch A Kid In Montreal.

Won’t even attempt to find Jubbling in this video of a golden eagle trying to snatch and fly away with a toddler. Not so sure about the musical score though. What do you think of the video – legit? [Buzzfeed]

Update: The video is not legit. The Chariots of Fire music should’ve given it away.


The Majestic Plastic Bag Video: The Mutual Of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom Episode We Almost Missed.

Narrated by Jeremy Irons, “The Majestic Plastic Bag” was created by Heal the Bay in 2010. The video was recirculated when it was attached to California’s AB 298 – a bill to ban plastic bags. Unfortunately the bill failed in the California legislature.

Jeremy Irons’ documentary “Trashed” is now in limited release in the US. [AVAAZ]


Jubbling Break: Last Week It Was Catfish Catching Pigeons. Now, It’s Birds Using Bread To Catch Fish.

Last week we posted a video of catfish lunging out of the water to snag a pigeon meal. Well the birds weren’t happy and they didn’t wait long to respond with a video of their own. Take that fish!. [Boing Boing]


Jubbling Break: Was Noc The Beluga Whale (RIP) Imitating Human Speech Or Cat? You Decide.

Noc the ‘talking’ beluga whale was captured as a juvenile in 1977. In 1984, a diver in his tank heard a voice saying “out, out, out” and it was later determined to be Noc. Some think Noc was sounding an alarm by imitating human speech and refer to him as a “sea canary singing in the mine” warning us to get out of the water.

So trying to find answers, Jubbling analyzed the recording above and we think we figured out who had been sneaking into the National Marine Mammal Foundation to work with Noc:

So what do you think: human speech or was Noc speaking cat? [New Scientist and Guardian]


This Guy Used To Believe In Climate Change And Global Warming…

… now, he doesn’t. (Deniers, he’s all yours.)


TEDTalks Spoofed By The Onion In “Compost-Fueled [Compostable] Cars: Wouldn’t That Be Great?” Video.

The Onion
does a great job spoofing the TEDTalks videos. Funny video with a “be cautious of green” message. [Gizmodo]