Hummer H2 Converted To Hummer 2H(orsepower)

Artist Jeremy Dean paid $15k for a Hummer H2 for the sole purpose of slicing it down and converting it to a horse drawn carriage. Dean did this to make a statement about our over reliance on fossil fuels and the threats to the environment. According to Dean, “the goal was to deconstruct the vehicle, long held as an icon of over-consumption and waste.”

Waste-O-Hummer from

Somebody needs to kick me in the nuts twice because I’m missing it. It’s hard to defend destroying a working car to make a statement about over consumption and waste. How about convert the pre-owned Hummer H2 to biodiesel and donate it to a family that can’t afford a vehicle? That would be Jubbling. This, well this just operates under the idea that if you can afford it, you can destroy it. [Treehugger]