Harry: “That quesadilla looks like something I got in my school lunch.”
Harry: “It was some kind of egg thing.”
Dad: “How was it?.”
Harry: “I don’t know. I threw it away.”

WastedFood.com -  Ordered Versus ServedIf only all green websites could be like WastedFood.com. The blog’s author, Jonathan Bloom, delves into all topics food waste related and encourages readers to reduce their own food waste and find new homes for possibly wasted food. It’s not a pretty topic but his non-holier-than-thou approach is dead on – inform readers about curbing their own waste and motivate those same people to help others. I never thought an entire website could be dedicated to reducing food waste but when we’re chucking edible grub out at a 40% clip, a dedicated site is in order. For Jubbling, a recovering food waster, food waste seems to be based on the idea that “if you can afford it, you can consume (or not consume) it” and a reflection of the extravagant times.

Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, those times are over and we can now focus on our consumption a little more and find ways to reduce. A good start would be to visit WastedFood.com.