Chuo Systems Corporation’s $475 Remoca: Watch Your Dog Eat, Drink And Hump Things While You’re At Work.

Remoca pet food dish with panning camera.Cat owners don’t fret – you too can buy the unnecessary $475 Remoca panning camera on a food, treat and water dish system. We have 2 cats and we love them but buying a Remoca and watching them eat, drink and clean their junk remotely on a mobile device would put me at an 11 on the “I need to get a life” scale. I predict the people that are into the kinky role-play stuff are going to be all over the Remoca – still not Jubbling though. [Rocket News]


BEEBOX Is The Mobile Workspace You Probably Don’t Need.

The BEEBOX Mobile WorkspaceDesigned by Buro Beehive, the BEEBOX is a mobile workspace that requires no construction and can be quickly setup when the need arises. Mobile crisis management solution? Probably and its designers go further by describing the BEEBOX as a:

“… way to make investments in working environment sustainable. Instead of investing in the building you are investing in furniture that is mobile.”

I’m not so sure about the BEEBOX mobile workspace solution mostly because there’s nothing minimal about it. My idea of a mobile workspace is more like the empty-box desk (picture below) and not a 92 sq. ft. container that should only be moved by roadies. [Core77]

John Ruble's MacGyver'd empty box desk.


Like-A-Hug Vest Gives You A Virtual Hug Each Time You Get A ‘Like’ On Facebook. Jubbling Wants ‘Unlike-A-Pants’

Like-A-Hug vestThe Like-A-Hug vest designed by Melissa Chow, Andy Payne, and Phil Seaton at the MIT Media Lab is a cute idea but totally unnecessary. It works by inflating when somebody gives one of your Facebook posts a Like. Now if they could port the technology to pants and include a kick to the butt or groin for Unlikes… it would still be wasteful but definitely much cooler. [CNET Crave]


Eighteen Flattened Boxes Shipped By Office Depot In Eighteen Separate Un-Flattened Boxes

Office Depot Shipping Fail - The ConsumeristCrazy story from The Consumerist about Office Depot shipping 18 cardboard organizer boxes, each one with copious amounts of bubble protection, in 18 separate shipping boxes. Yes, they could’ve shipped all 18 in one box but if they would’ve done that, we wouldn’t have anything to write about.